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2017 Yorkton Construction Projects


Construction Update - June 23 , 2017

Infrastructure repairs/roadway reconstruction
   April to October 2017

Current Construction

  • Darlington Street from Eighth Avenue to Delaere Drive, including the roundabout at Darlington Street and Dracup Avenue - The area was closed for reconstruction Tuesday May 23, detours are in effect.  Completion date is August 31, 2017, weather permitting.  Scroll down for details. 
  • Dracup South (Darlington Street to Broadway Street) - Complete and reopened to traffic June 1, 2017.
  • Crack sealing of roadways - 2017 program completed
  • General pothole repairs - ongoing throughout the city.

Dracup Avenue/Darlington Street Roundabout
Darlington Street from Eight Avenue to Delaere Drive

A new concrete Roundabout will be installed at the Dracup Avenue/Darlington Street intersection to improve traffic flow and accommodate future growth in the Dracup corridor.  Underground infrastructure will be replaced at the intersection and along sections of Darlington Street.   A section of Darlington Street between Dracup Avenue and Delaere Drive will be resurfaced following completion of the Roundabout. 

Work began May 23 on replacing underground infrastructure at Darlington Street and Dracup Avenue prior to Roundabout construction.  The interesection is closed as well as Darlington Street from Eighth Avenue to Delaere Drive.  Detour routes are posted.   This project is scheduled for completion by August 31st, weather permitting. 

Click image to load a PDF of the map.

This map shows the conceptual drawing of the roundabout and placement in the intersection.  It will be offset onto vacant city lands to reduce the impact on residents.  Residents affected by the construction will have access to their homes via their back lanes. 

Roundabout Information Guide

Commonly Asked Questions - Dracup Avenue/Darlington Street Roundabout

Q: What work will be carried out  to construct the Roundabout? 
A: The existing intersection will be excavated and new roadbed constructed.  The roundabout structure similar to the existing one on Gladstone South will then be constructed in the intersection, with design changes and size geared to traffic flow efficiency, optimum use of space and accommodation of affected residents as much as possible.   The roundabout will be placed to the east of the intersection (see positioning diagram above) to facilitate easier resident access. 

Q: When will construction work begin on the Dracup Avenue/Darlington Street Roundabout?
A:  Work began Tuesday, May 23, 2017 and Darlington Street from Eighth Avenue to Delaere Road will be closed until the project is completed. 

Q: What is the expected completion date for construction of the Dracup Avenue/Darlington Street Roundabout?
A:  August 31, 2017, weather permitting.

Q: Will there be road closures and detours?
A: The intersection will be completely closed, including Darlington Street from Eighth Avenue to Delaere Road throughout the construction period.    Signage will be posted prior to any closures/detours.

Q:  Will the Roundabout be able to accommodate Emergency vehicles and trucks if necessary? 
A:   Yes.   In addition, both inside and outside curbs will be rolled (sloped).

Q:  During construction how will residents access their properties? 
A:   Residents will have access to their properties via the back lanes. 

Q:  How will residents located within the Roundabout zone be affected by the new Roundabout once completed?
A:   Access to property in the Roundabout zone is expected to be no different then with the existing controlled intersection. 

Q: Why are we using concrete rather than asphalt?
A: Concrete lasts much longer than asphalt and is better for accommodating heavy traffic. The price is marginally different.

Q: Were surrounding residents notified of the project?
A: Yes.   Residents have known about the project for some time and were advised by letter prior construction getting underway. 

Q: If we have concerns or questions about the project who should we call?
A: Questions or concerns about the project should be directed to the Public Works Department @ 306-786-1760.

Dracup South - Smith Street to Broadway Street - Completed and Reopened

Dracup Avenue South reopened for traffic June 1, and the intersection at Smith Street and Dracup Avenue has reopened to three way traffic as well.  Work remains on the east side of the intersection.  Most landscaping in the area has been completed, although tree planting will be done in the Fall.

The new concrete roadway and all new underground servicing will ensure minimal issues with infrastructure in this area for many years to come. A big Thank You to businesses and residents for their patience and understanding during the construction process.


The Intersection at Smith Street and Dracup Avenue


The Last Lane of Concrete is Poured May 17, 2017


Pouring of the first lane of the concrete roadway May 3, 2017




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