Animal Control Bylaw

The following are frequently cited excerpts from The Animal Control Bylaw pertaining to dogs.  For more information on this or other bylaws please contact:

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"Public Playground" means the immediate delineated area containing playground equipment in a park or municipal reserve owned by the City or under the management and control of the City, excepting Jaycee Beach;

"Running at large" means if the animal is off the premises of its owner, unless the animal is on a leash not exceeding two metres in length and/or is under proper control; 

Owner of a Dog
If a person becomes the owner of a dog that does NOT have a current license through the City of Yorkton that person must obtain a dog license immediately. However, if a person becomes the owner of a dog that has a current dog license with the City of Yorkton then that person has until January 31st of the following year to license their dog pursuant to this bylaw.

  1. Every owner of a dog within the City shall, on demand of an Animal Control officer or Peace Officer show his license, receipt or other evidence that he has paid the license fee for the dog for the current year. The provisions of this section shall not apply to dogs kept in the ordinary course of business by the proprietors of the following premises, namely: 
    a)  a veterinary hospital, clinic, or boarding kennel, or grooming parlor, 
    b) a public pound, 
    c) a shop whose business includes the sale of pets and is licensed as such, 
    d) a shelter operated by an association or society. incorporated for the purpose of the protection and humane treatment of animals.
  2. No person shall be entitled to a license rebate under this bylaw.
  3. Where a license required pursuant to this section has been paid for by the tender of an uncertified cheque, the license is automatically revoked if the cheque is not accepted and cashed by the bank on which it is issued.

Responsibility of Dog Owners

Running at Large

  1. No owner of a dog shall permit his dog to be running at large at any time in the City of Yorkton. 
  2. In this section, an animal shall be "at large" if it is off the premises of its owner, unless the animal is: 
    a) on a leash not exceeding two (2) metres in length, and/or
    b) under the proper control of its owner. 
  3. When a dog is found running at large, it's owner shall be deemed to have failed or refused to comply with the requirements of the previous subsection.


  1. The owner of a dog shall ensure that such dog shall not:
    a) bite a person or persons whether on the property of the owner or not; 
    b) do any act to injure a person or persons whether on the property of the owner or not; 
    c) chase or otherwise threaten a person or persons whether on the property of the owner or not, unless the person chased or threatened is a trespasser on the property of the owner; 
    d) cause damage to property or other animals; 
    e) upset any waste receptacles or scatter the contents thereof either in or about a street, lane, or other public property or in or about premises not belonging to or in the possession of the owner of the dog; 
    f) be left unattended in any motor vehicle unless the dog is restricted so as to prevent access to a person or persons as long as such restraint provides for suitable ventilation.

Barking or Howling

  1. No owner of a dog shall permit his or her dog to be or become a nuisance by barking or howling to the annoyance or discomfort of any person.
  2.  Any such dog which is or has become a nuisance by barking or howling, bite or chase animals, bicycles or motor vehicles, shall not be harbored by any person within the city limits. Failure to comply with this Section shall constitute an offence under this bylaw. Notwithstanding Section 41 herein, a Provincial Court Judge, on an ex-parte application, may also:
    a) direct the Animal Control Officer to give notice to such owner requiring the nuisance complained of to be abated so as to prevent the recurrence of any nuisance, or; 
    b) if such nuisance continues, order said dog to be destroyed upon eight (8) days notice being given to the owner, unless the owner otherwise agrees.

Litter Cleanup

  1. If a dog defecates on any public or private property within the City of Yorkton other than the property of its owner, the owner shall remove such feces immediately. 
  2. Any person owning a dog and occupying property in the City of Yorkton shall remove any and all dog feces from the said property on a daily basis and shall dispose of the feces in a sanitary manner. 
  3. Failure to cause the removal of all feces as required by subsection (1) and (2) of this section shall be a breach of this bylaw.

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