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Pet Ownership

Kathy Ritchie, City Clerk
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Quality of life increases with pet ownership

It's a fact: "Scientists have found that dogs are good for your health. People who enjoy the companionship of a dog may be better equipped to withstand some of the stresses of life." (A Commonsense Guide to Selecting a Dog or a Cat)

Dog ownership has many benefits, but with ownership also comes responsibility. The City of Yorkton understands the joys pet ownership can bring, but must also ensure that irresponsible pet owners do not infringe upon the rights of all citizens.

Observing the Animal Control Bylaw No. 23/2011 requirements are steps you can take to ensure that you are being a responsible dog owner:

  1. Vaccinations and Licenses
    Dogs in the City of Yorkton are required to have up-to-date vaccinations and licenses each year.  Licenses can be purchased at the SPCA. Veterinary clinics in Yorkton, or at City Hall.

  2. Dog License        


    Male or female


    Neutered male or spayed Female


    All Dogs between the age of 1 and 12 months at the time the license is purchased; such dog license purchased being valid for the current licensing period


    Guide/Seeing eye dog

    No Charge

    Replacement Tag


  3. Maximum Number of Dogs
    Individuals in the City are allowed to own a maximum of three dogs over the age of three months. Individuals in the City who are members of a registered Canadian Kennel Club or any other bona fide kennel club shall own a maximum of five dogs at any given time, with no more than three being kept outside the dwelling house at one time.
  4. Leash Law
    All dogs must be kept on a leash or under the proper control of their owner in the City of Yorkton. Dogs on any public property unaccompanied by any person, or accompanied but not under the complete control of a competent person, or being on private property without the permission of the owner or occupant of such property are considered to be running at large. The penalty for such an offence is $50.00; in addition, if impounded, the Pound Fee is $30.00 for licensed and unlicensed dogs for the first offence and $60.00 for subsequent offences.
  5. For the safety of children
    Prohibited areas for dogs are Kinsmen century field and all public playgrounds. Dogs are not permitted at Deer Park Golf Course from April 1st to October 31st each year. Dogs are allowed on leash at the Ravine Ecological Preserve. These restrictions do not apply to a person using a dog as a guide dog to assist the blind, etc.
  6. Poop'n'Scoop
    Please carry a plastic bag at all times when you are walking your pet so you can remove defecation from public property immediately. Failure to do so will result in fines of $50 for the first offence and $100 for subsequent offences committed within a 12-month period. To prevent the spread of disease, pet owners are required to clean defecation from their own property on a daily basis and dispose of it in a sanitary manner. If a problem arises, owners are given 72 hours to comply before City employees will clean up the property at the expense of the dog owner.
  7. Consider sleeping neighbors
    Barking dogs can create undo hardship on shift workers, seniors and sleeping infants, as well as becoming an annoyance to all neighbors. Dogs creating excessive noise will result in the owner being charged $100 for the first offence and $200 for second and subsequent offences. In addition, the penalty under the Noise Bylaw No. 21/99 is $200 for first offence, and $300 in the case of each and every subsequent offence within a 24 hour period. Infractions occurring after the 24 hour period but within 3 months will result in a $500 penalty.

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Thank you for being a responsible pet owner.