Downtown Parking


The City of Yorkton wishes to advise that the 2 hour free parking provision was put in place at the request of customers and business owners in the downtown district.

Map of public parking areas

Subsequent to their input, a random survey of the public and an extensive review on the utilization of on street parking was conducted. The objective was to provide easy, accessible on-street parking for customers to come and shop freely in the downtown core. The review of on-street parking utilization established that a large percentage of the parking stalls were being utilized by employees, thereby limiting the amount of on street parking that was available for customers.

Due to employees moving from one side of the block to the other, an amendment to the Traffic Bylaw was later passed limiting 2 hour free parking on the same block. What this means is that you may park once in one parking stall up to a maximum of 2 hours between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and may park once again in one parking stall up to a maximum of 2 hours between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Numerous warning tickets were issued prior to any violations actually being issued. Our Commissionaire is very conscientious with respect to the issuance of violations and the intent of the bylaw is not to impose a restriction on customers but to attempt to limit employees of the downtown business core from utilizing on-street parking extensively.

In an attempt to encourage employees to park in the parking lots versus on the street the parking lot permit fees were drastically reduced. The Bylaw provides for permits to be issued for all parking lots, excepting the one on Second Avenue N. at rates of $10.00 for a monthly permit, $20.00 for a 3 month permit, $30.00 for a 6 month permit and $50.00 for a yearly permit. Employees would be required to walk one-half to one block to their place of employment, but would not be subject to a violation. While an issue is being made of this matter, free parking has resulted in a positive impact to the downtown business core.

It is not the responsibility of the City of Yorkton to provide businesses in the downtown core with parking arrangements for their staff. However, we have endeavored to provide them inexpensive parking in the parking lots to achieve the desired effect of having accessible parking for customers.

The City of Yorkton held several meetings with the Downtown Business Association and all amendments to the Traffic Bylaw have been done in response to customer and business demand. It is absolutely impossible to please everyone. If Employees Park on the streets then the customers will once again complain that they do not have sufficient parking and advise that they will visit the malls only.

While the patrons and employees at the Casino did create a concern with respect to on-street parking, this problem has been alleviated through a lease with the Casino for a parking lot on Second Avenue N. as well as designating the parking lot next to their business as paid parking only.

While the solution is certainly not perfect, we have endeavored to try and meet the needs of the majority of residents in our community.

Our downtown is a vital part of our community and we hope to maintain it as such.