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This page will be updated as nominations are received.  Nominations open on Monday, August 27, 2012 and close at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 19, 2012.

All candidate information will be provided by the candidates themselves. The information will not be checked for spelling or grammatical errors.

The Returning Officer and the City of Yorkton are not responsible for verifying or investigating the accuracy of the document as to length or content or contact information provided by candidates.

The following people have officially handed in their nomination forms:  (This will be updated as nominations are received)

Click on their names to view their candidate profile. (This will be updated as profiles are received)


Richard Genaille

101 Myrtle Avenue
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime) 782-0189
      (evening) 782-0189
Email:    richard.genaille@hotmail.com

Bob Maloney

12 Clarewood Crescent
Yorkton, SK

Ph: (daytime) 783-6821
Email:     rmaloney@sasktel.net

Les Arnelien

62 Spice Drive
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime) 786-4800 ext.250
(evening) 783-4215
Email:     lj.arnelien@sasktel.net

Robby Bear

74 Bull Crescent
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime) 641-4977
      (evening) 641-4977
Email:    robby.bear@hotmail.com

Arliss Dellow

141 Roslyn Avenue
Yorkton, SK

Ph: (daytime)
(summer seasonal)
     (evening) as above
Email:     dellowea@sasktel.net

Ross Fisher

66 Fourth Avenue N.
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime) 786-0506
      (evening) 621-2071
Email:     ross.fisher@sasktel.net

Randy Goulden

388 3rd Avenue N.
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime) 621-3056
      (evening) 782-9139
Email:     gouldenrandy@hotmail.com

Aaron RM Nagy

61 Franklin Avenue
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime) 641-3388
      (evening) 641-3388
Email:     aaronnagy@gmail.com

Richard Okrainec

522 Riverview Road
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime) 782-2132
      (evening) 783-9653
Email:     r.okrainec.parkland@sasktel.net

Larry Pearen

60 Willow Crescent
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime) 786-2582
      (evening) 782-4182
Email:     lpear@sasktel.net

James Wilson

152 Sunset Drive North
Yorkton, SK

Ph: (daytime) 782-1591
      (evening) 782-1591
Email:     james.wilson@sasktel.com

Chris Wyatt

202 Dalebrooke Drive
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime) 782-0686
      (evening) 782-0686
Email:     chriswyatt@sasktel.net
Christ the Teacher Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 212
- City at Large

Jerome Niezgoda

281 Fourth Avenue N
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime) 621-9206
      (evening) 621-9206
Email:     j.niezgoda@sasktel.net

Doreen Rathgeber

Box 729
Yorkton, SK

Ph: (daytime) 782-1527
      (evening) 621-1522
Email:     doreenrathgeber19@sasktel.net

Dwayne Todas

382 2nd Avenue N
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime)
      (evening) 783-0840
Email:     dtodasfootball@sasktel.net

Patricia Zaryski

Box 1591 (15-26-03-2N)
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime)
      (evening) 783-6962
Email:     pzaryski@gmail.com
Christ the Teacher Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 212
- Sub-Division No. 3 Rural Yorkton and Area

Dwight Guy

Box 1024 (SE 3-27-5-W2M)
Yorkton, SK

Ph: (daytime) 745-5030
      (evening) 783-1246
Email:     dwguy@imagewirelss.ca
Good Spirit School Division No. 204
- City at Large

David Deswiage

109 Circlebrooke Drive
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime) 641-9355
      (evening) 641-9355
Email:     dave.deswiage@gmail.com

Gordon Gendur

119 Ross Drive
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (daytime) 783-7710
Email:     ggendur@myaccess.ca

Richard B. Haacke

15 Whitesand Drive
Yorkton, SK

Ph: (daytime) 783-7832
     as above
Email:     rbhaacke@sasktel.net

Lenore Pinder

107 Russell Drive
Yorkton, SK
Ph: (evening) 786-6398
Email:    lfpinder@gmail.com

Bonnie Rushowick

45 Darlington Street East
Yorkton, SK

Ph: (daytime) 621-6758
      (evening) 621-6758
Email:     bonnie.rushowick@hc-sc.gc.ca

Ray Sass

Box 1346
Yorkton, SK

Ph: (daytime) 621-2992
      (evening) as above
Email:     rdj66york@gmail.com