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City Council

Candidates Running for Office

This page will be updated as nominations are received.  Nominations open on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 and close at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.

All candidate information will be provided by the candidates themselves. The information will not be checked for spelling or grammatical errors.

The Returning Officer and the City of Yorkton are not responsible for verifying or investigating the accuracy of the document as to length or content or contact information provided by candidates.

As Candidates hand in their nomination forms this section will be updated.

You will also be able to click on their names to view their candidate profile.
(This page will be updated as profiles are received)

Mayor (1 Candidate)

Bob Maloney

12 Clarewood Crescent Ph (home): 306-783-6821
Email: rmaloney@sasktel.net
Andrew Probe 426 Circlebrooke Drive Ph (cell): 306-562-7373
Email: Frostygrey563@gmail.com
Calvin Tokarchuk 76 Riverside Drive Ph (cell): 306-621-6119
Email: cstokarchuk@gmail.com
Chris Wyatt 202 Dalebrooke Drive Ph (home): 306-782-0686
Email: chriswyatt@sasktel.net
Councillor (6 Candidates)
Don Anderson 371 - 2nd Avenue North Ph (cell): 306-641-5755
Email: Don.Yorkton@gmail.com

Les Arnelien

62 Spice Drive Ph (home): 306-783-4215
Ph (cell): 306-621-3775
Email: lj.arnelien@sasktel.net
Dustin Brears 22 Switzer Bay Ph (cell): 306-621-7161
Email: dustin.brears@emw.ca
Donna Brothwell 218 - 3rd Avenue South Ph (home): 306-783-6802
Ph (cell): 306-621-9468
Email: cdmbrothwell@accesscomm.ca
Raymond Bucsis 84 McBurney Drive Ph (cell): 306-621-2142
Email: Raymond.Bucsis@gmail.com
Ken Chyz 106 - 27 Erichsen Place Ph (cell): 306-621-5687
Email: chyz4council@gmail.com
Kyle Dionne 247 Maple Avenue Ph (work): 306-782-4055
Ph (cell): 306-539-2704
Email: kyle.dionne@gmail.com
Ross Fisher 66 - 4th Avenue North Ph (cell): 306-621-2071
Email: ross.fisher@sasktel.net

Randy Goulden

388 - 3rd Avenue North Ph (work): 306-783-8707
Ph (home): 306-782-9139
Ph (cell): 306-621-3056
Email: gouldenrandy@hotmail.com
Brad Haberman 11 Redwood Drive Ph (cell): 306-621-1170
Email: bhabes@sasktel.net
Quinn Haider 19 Sunset Dr. North Ph (cell): 306-641-5334
Email: quinnhaider@gmail.com
Brent Hamm 346 - 2nd Avenue North Ph (cell): 306-621-8805
Email: brenthammer1@icloud.com
Mitch Hippsley 246 - 3rd Avenue North Ph (work): 306-782-4911
Email: art.of.life@sasktel.net
Evan Johnson 29 Bull Crescent Ph (work): 306-782-4588
Ph (cell): 306-620-7977
Email: evanj@yorktonph.com
Aaron Kienle 50 Centennial Drive Ph (work): 306-782-4747
Ph (cell): 306-621-9349
Email: aaronkienle@gmail.com
Mike Kirby 32 Biggs Crescent Ph (cell): 306-641-0090
Email: mike5478@hotmail.com
Christopher Kosteroski 302- 5 Russell Drive

Ph (cell): 306-620-7704
Email: c.kos@hotmail.ca


Brent Murdock 36 Bull Crescent Ph (cell): 306-316-1287
Email: brentmmurdock@hotmail.com
Larry Pearen 60 Willow Crescent

Ph (home): 306-782-4182
Ph (cell): 306-621-0523
Email: larry.pearen@gmail.com

Jordan Rosluk 101 - 2nd Avenue North Ph: (cell): 306-620-9200
Email: vote4me@jordanrosluk.ca
Shelly Ross 152 Second Avenue North

Ph (work): 306-782-0211
Ph (cell): 306-641-4222
Email: shellydawnross@gmail.com

Bernard N. Stephaniuk 275 - 6th Avenue North Ph (work): 306–783-2424
Ph (cell): 306-621-2790
Email: bstephaniuk@gmail.com
James Wilson 152 Sunset Drive North www.facebook.com/jwilsonforcouncil
Darcy Zaharia 59 Cedarwood Crescent Ph (home): 306-782-1903
Ph (cell): 306-621-9660
Email: darcyzaharia@outlook.com
Christ the Teacher Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 212
- City at Large (4 Candidates)
Sheri-Lynne Fedorowich 97 Logan Crescent East Ph (Cell): 306-621-9219
Email: slmfedorowich@sasktel.net
Jerome Niezgoda 281 - 4th Avenue North Ph (cell): 306-621-9206
Email: Jerome.niezgoda@cttcs.ca
Dwayne Todas 382 - 2nd Avenue North Email: dtodasFootball@sasktel.net
Patricia Zaryski S.W. 15-26-3-W2
Yorkton, SK
Ph (home): 306-783-6962
Ph (cell): 306-621-9285
Email: pzaryski@gmail.com
Jenny Zarowny S.W. 27-25-4-W2
P.O. Box 841 Yorkton, SK
Ph (work): 1-888-935-0013
Ph (work direct line): 306-728-0857
Ph (cell): 306-621-4124
Email: j5zarowny@sasktel.net
Good Spirit School Division No. 204
- City at Large (3 Candidates)
Gordon Gendur 119 Ross Drive Ph (cell): 306-521-0822
Email: ggendur@myaccess.ca
Jan Morrison Lot 3, Block 1, Play W1940 Ph (cell): 306-621-7838
Lenore Pinder 107 Russell Drive Ph (home): 306-786-6398
Ph (cell): 306-641-5694
Email: lfpinder@gmail.com
Laurie-Anne Rusnak 108 Marquis Crescent South Ph (home): 306-783-6670
Ph (cell): 306-621-9127
Email: ladrconsulting@sasktel.net
Raymond Sass 08+Pt.9ACE5019 W
@ RM of Orkney
(York Lake Regional Park)
Ph: 306-786-6057
Email: rdj66york@gmail.com
Steve Variyan 112 Logan Crescent West

Ph (cell): 306-641-9998
Email: variyans@yahoo.com