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Aaron Nagy

As  October 24th approaches Aaron Nagy requests your vote in the upcoming civic election. Aaron Nagy has lived most of his life in and around the Yorkton area. A graduate of the Yorkton Regional High School , Aaron received the  Random Acts of Kindness Award in 1999.

Upon Graduation Aaron furthered his education in Saskatoon where he obtained a Certificate in Radio and Television Broadcasting. In 2003, he returned to  Yorkton obtaining employment with GX94 and later FOX FM. Subsequently , he had short stints with radio station in Flin Flon and Dauphin, returning to Yorkton in 2007 and FOX FM where he worked for two years.

When his dear friend Jimmy Ray Wiebe was senselessly murdered at the Shell gas station in Yorkton while working  a night shift, Aaron decided that that somethign had to be done to protect people working late night, largely alone. Aaron then began campaigning for what is now known as "Jimmy's Law". This law calls for gas station or convenience store to have a minimum of two people working over night and or, protective safety barriers. He traveled the province in effort to gather  support for his proposal. In December 2011, Aaron received support of the provincial opposition party for his proposed amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety code. While traveling the province he visited a number of cities where he spoke to workers in dangerous nighttime occupations gaining support for his proposal.

In May 2012, the Honorable Don Morgan, Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, made known that Aaron's hard work has paid off and the Government of Saskatchewan will propose regulations that will enhance worker safety. There for Aaron has made a difference in what was a tragedy in Yorkton. He believes in supporting the underdog, Aaron stood up for Jimmy, He will now stand up for you the residents of Yorkton.

Aaron was one of the chosen few to run with the Rick Hansen Medal this past winter. He was nominated as a difference maker in the world.  People were to nominate difference makers in their community and some one nominated Aaron.

Aaron is also very active in the community and can often be found having coffee and speaking with area residents. He is currently on the Center For Client Based Care at the Yorkton Regional Health Center working group. He was also one of the youngest members of the Royal Canadian Legion Executive in Yorkton.

Aaron is proud to be from Yorkton. He has demonstrated hsi pride when he presented Drew Carey, host of The Price is RIght, with a City of Yorkton hat at t-shirt. He is also known as one of the Saskatchewan Roughriders biggest fans based  on an article by LisaBoychuk in the Bleacher Report.

Currently, Aaron is employed as an announcer with The Rock 98.5 in Yorkton. He enjoys fundraising for some very worth while causes. Last year he finished first in the Habitat for Humanity Fun spiel and finished second in the  Big Brothers and Big Sisters bowl a thon.

Aaron feels there is a need for a younger voice on  City Council and would appreciate the opportunity to make a difference in the city where he grew up and loves. Aaron would be pleased to answer your questions or comments via email at aaron@therock985.ca .

On October 24th vote Aaron Nagy for City Council in the City of Yorkton.