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Chris WyattChris Wyatt

It has been an honour to serve the people of Yorkton for the past 12 years on city council. The city of Yorkton is thriving with new housing developments and commercial buildings starting every week. My main goal in the next four years, if elected for a fifth term, will be to keep that momentum going. I believe that the latest annexation ruling in Yorkton’s favour gives us industrial land to the north and residential to the south to grow Yorkton for the next 5-10 years. With the new commercial area by the Parkland Mall and future space available by the tourism building, businesses have choices where to start up or relocate their buildings.

Having the support of my wife Deb Link and two children gives me the resolve to make decisions not only for today’s needs but our future as well. With my daughter in elementary school and son in high school I believe I am able to represent family concerns. The construction of the Allan Bay project added 22 units to the over 110 income based senior rental units Yorkton owns, while other cities in Saskatchewan have none! I support the construction of a new college in Yorkton and with Provincial and private sector funding, believe it will happen in the near future. I am fully behind the plans for a new hospital in Yorkton and when the Gallagher Center is paid for we will have over 1.1 million dollars a year freed up to help pay for it. I believe the other funds needed can be found from our existing budget and from the surrounding areas as this will be a regional health center.

I have been outspoken and asked the tough questions when needed as we spend your hard earned tax dollars. When asked why I voted against budgets in the past few years it was because there were staff added in those budgets that were not needed. Those positions cost around $150,000 a year, over 10 years it’s $1,500,000! That money should be spent elsewhere on projects or employees doing the work needed to grow our city. I am proud to call Yorkton home, we truly lead all cities our size in Saskatchewan is so many areas. I will continue to be the same councillor and Mayor you have supported for 12 years if I am re-elected in 2012! Thank you to all of the people who supported me in the past and I ask for your support once again on Oct. 24th, let’s keep Yorkton moving forward!