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James Wilson

Mayor, James Wilson has spent the last six years on City Council building a better Yorkton for residents and businesses. His goal is to create a community that works together helping each other to make Yorkton the center of choice to work, live and play.

As Mayor, the community prospered and grew. Under his leadership James led our city through the flood of 2010. Other accomplishments were:

  • creation of a plan to address storm water drainage issues
  • minimal tax increases - the lowest of any city in Saskatchewan
  • improved relations between RM’s and the City for boundary expansion to address growth for housing and business
  • new housing starts are at an all time high
  • expansion of Yorkton Housing Corp with 22 new low income seniors units
  • three new hotels with potential for two morebudget improvements that provide an annual surplus
  • Water Treatment Plant and Fire Hall completed on budget
  • an environment and culture to breed business expansion - resulting in more businesses, jobs and families locating to Yorkton
  • formation of Housing Committee to address need for adequate housing formation of an Economic Committee to produce the
  • proper climate for business retention and expansion
  • formation of a Health Collaborative to improve health care through retention and recruitment of doctors and health care providers
  • provincial leadership for Head Start program for entry level housing for families
  • collaboration with Province for the expansion of Parkland College

Under his leadership as President of Yorkton Chamber of Commerce in 2006, the Start Your Business in Yorkton campaign was launched to support to new businesses in the region. He provided input on new initiatives like tax rules for business in Saskatchewan to establish this province as the most attractive centre for business and an advocate to respect investment.

As a leader in business, James was the General Manager of Business Development for SecurTek establishing the national head office in Yorkton, and SaskTel District Sales Manager and now SaskTel Business Development Director.
James received education and training at Parkland College, University of Saskatchewan and Queen’s School of Business.

Husband to Wendy for 29 years and father of their 3 children James has lived in Yorkton for 22 years. While raising his family, volunteer coaching and managing youth sport teams was always a priority. A leader by example James and his family built a home in Mexico for a disadvantaged family and volunteered at an orphanage in Ecuador and at a school in Guatemala.

His focus is to work diligently on Council to:

  • ensure smart and prudent management of tax payers money
  • create an environment for business growth and expansion
  • support health care needs for all citizens for a healthier community
  • expand education development to support demands for business, labour and opportunities for our youth
  • continue to address the need for adequate housing
  • create a safe and secure community as Yorkton continues to grow
  • foster an environment of respect and open communication with citizens and community organizations.

James believes that municipal government is about helping people and considers it an honour to serve others. He would like to serve you as Councillor with a vision of ‘Working Together for Success’.