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Larry Pearen

It has been my privilege to serve the citizens of Yorkton during this past term on Council. 

I am proud of our record for the past six years as we invested in infrastructure which included a new water treatment plant, expanded our police force, secured fire protection with a new hall and developed a strategy to address the affordable housing needs in our community.  We have addressed a major flood with infrastructure development and holding ponds.  I am very pleased to have supported our youth with the new skate board park.

I am proud of my community service I have provided over the past 28 years including leading the Saskatchewan 2005 Yorkton Committee, Yorkton 125 and Western Financial City Centre Park committee.  Currently participating on the Yorkton Airport Authority, Planning and Engineering as well as District Planning keep me involved. I have used skills obtained from previous provincial and national leadership positions to help strengthen the community we live in.

As a former music educator, I have witnessed the pride our youth have shown as ambassadors for our city in events such as the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena. I continue to work at Parkland College as the Manager of Business, Health and Human Service so I know first hand how important post secondary education is to the growth of our city.

My wife Sonia and I continue to enjoy the city and the quality of life it brings.  Yorkton was chosen as the community to raise our two daughters.  Now our grandchildren enjoy our fine Gallagher Water Park and play ground equipment.

 As YOUR Representative, I will continue to:

  • Support a safe community with adequate police and fire protection;
  • Improve infrastructure to prepare for sustainable growth;
  • Attract affordable housing for students and seniors;
  • Promote our city as an attractive community with good health care, education which includes post secondary expansion and affordable recreation;
  • Preserve our history though support of our museums and heritage sites, and,
  • Make our city more attractive to small business growth and development.

I, Larry Pearen, request your support for city council.  I look forward to serving the citizens of Yorkton.