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Richard Genaille

I am Richard Genaille a student at Parkland College, I’m currently doing some upgrading to make my Grade 12 from the Yorkton Regional High School more up to date. June 8th 2004 is the day I graduated from high school. Since then I took part in a class at Partners In Employment, I worked for Prairie Harvest Employment Program walking the streets picking up garbage and working on the Recycling bus picking up the Blue Bins, I worked at Painted hand casino as a Dishwasher and a Custodian, I help set up tables and chairs for the Yorkton First Steps Graduations and family bar-B-Q's.

I am 27 years old, I was born in Preeceville and raised in Yorkton my whole life. I am a loving and caring person, I care about the people and I want to make Yorkton a better place. 10 years ago I said I was going to run for mayor and now I am actually experiencing it. To actual win though would be the coolest thing to ever happen to me. I like to make music from the hip hop genre, I been doing that since I was 15 and 1 day I would love to hear 1 of my songs on the radio or even a video on Much Music.

I enjoy watching movies: comedies, action, drama, documentaries, animated and 3D, I enjoying playing video games like WWE games for Xbox 360. I like hanging out with my family and all my nephews and my nieces. I like having Bar-B-Q's in the summer time with the people I love n care about the most: My Family.