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Chris WyattRichard Okrainec

It’s been a very quick 3-years as my term of serving the Citizens of Yorkton comes to a close. Sitting as your Councillor has been a terrific experience, so much so that I am asking for your support in serving another 4-years.

I’ve been quite active in the Yorkton Community since moving to the City in 1995. I am a Past President of the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce, Past President of Saskatchewan Fairs and Past President of Yorkton United Soccer. I’ve sat on dozens of various Committees and Boards over the years. While sitting as a member of Council we are involved in several committees with my main appointments for the past 3-years being Protective Services, Vice-Chair of the Gallagher Centre Management Board and Chair of the Property Standard Appeals Board.

While serving my term as Councillor my main job is the Property Manager of the Parkland Mall, as well as 2 Centres in Winnipeg. In all I manage close to 750,000 square feet of retail space and roughly 150 North American and Local Tenants.

I was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces in the 80’s completing a UN tour in Cyrus, Greece and a NATO tour at CFB Baden West, Germany. I moved to Yorkton to become Manager of the Yorkton Exhibition Association and moved into my current position in 1999.

Yorkton had continued to grow at a very rapid pace as anyone driving through the City can attest to. I believe we are certainly moving in the right direction and managing the growth within our means. This growth and the Flood of 2010 put the City in a position to look at our entire infrastructure. This will be a major focus in the upcoming years. We have helped implement Business growth, many new housing developments, walking trails, the new Skateboard Park, attempting to grow our Health Services, the opening of the new Water Treatment Plant and many other very important projects throughout Yorkton. I am also a big supporter of the opportunity to expand our College and hope this project will take place in the near future. There will always be important decisions on the direction the City is to take and I am looking for your support to be a part of Yorkton’s direction for many years to come.

My wife Donia and I have made our home in Yorkton. We have raised 5 young adults of which 4 are currently in University.

On October 24 I ask for you to re-elect RICHARD OKRAINEC to City Council.