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Building Services

Office Hours:    
Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
(306) 786-1710
(306) 786-6880
Street Address:   
37 – Third Avenue North
Mailing Address:

Building Services Division
Planning, Building & Development
City of Yorkton
Box 400
Yorkton, SK
S3N 2W3

What we do

Following“The Uniform Building & Accessibility Standards Act”, the division oversees and enforces regulations for building construction throughout the City of Yorkton.  The long term objective is to ensure that construction for new buildings, additions and alterations of assembly, institutional, residential, office, retail and industrial occupancies have been designed to meet the requirements of the National Building Code and the City of Yorkton Building Bylaw 4/2017. 

The Building Plan Review and Building Inspection Program Policy # 10.260 formalizes the City of Yorkton’s Plan Review and Inspection Program for all types of construction within the City of Yorkton.  This policy defines the National Building Code items that the Building Inspection Division will review and inspect, as well as the scope of building inspections.

The policy:

a) Defines the City’s role with respect to the administration and enforcement of The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act;
b) Adopts the list of building code items that will be reviewed and inspected for each of the building types covered by this policy under the City’s Building Permit Inspection and Plan Review Programs;
c) Establishes mandatory inspection stages for building types covered by this policy;
d) Outlines the powers of inspectors to confirm compliance with the National Building Code where work to be inspected at a mandatory inspection stage or follow-up inspection has been covered by subsequent work prior to approval.

Click here to view a copy of the Plan Review and Building Inspection Program policy.

The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act provides that every owner of a building in Saskatchewan shall ensure that the building is designed, constructed, erected, placed, altered,repaired, renovated, demolished, relocated, removed, used or occupied in accordance with the
standards of that Act. Nothing in this policy limits the obligation of a building owner to meet these standards.

The City will ensure the following objectives are met prior to occupancy: structural sufficiency, health safety, life safety, fire safety and barrier free access.

Building Officials, employed and/or contracted by the City of Yorkton, are licensed under Provincial Statute.  Building Officials will provide interpretation and application of The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act, the Current edition of the National Building Code, and City of Yorkton Building Bylaw 4/2017.

      • Issuance of Building Permits:
          • Applications for Building Permits are received by the Building Services division for all construction types including new construction, demolition, additions, alterations, renovations and change of use to buildings in the City of Yorkton. 
          • Building permit fees are determined and invoiced.
          • Plan review, permits issuance, site inspections, follow-up, enforcement and Final Inspections / Occupancy Permits are completed and issued by staff.

In accordance with “The Business License Bylaw No. 8/2006” the division reviews and issues business license applications.

      • Issuance of Business Licenses:
          • Enabled by governing provincial legislation the City of Yorkton undertakes to license all business activity conducted within the City.  City of Yorkton Business License Bylaw 8/2006 indicates that the basis for municipal licensing is to ensure that zoning, building code and fire code regulations have been complied with.
          • Licenses are categorized as Resident, Non-Resident, Transient Trader, Special Event and Direct Sales. 
          • Regulations and fees governing each category differ significantly.

Click here to view City of Yorkton Bylaws related to Building Services.

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