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Ravine Ecological Preserve

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Map of the Ravine Ecological Preserve

Brochure of the Ravine Ecological Preserve

Ravine Ecological Preserve consists of a 1.7 mile (2.8 km) hiking trail that works its way through grassland, aquatic and aspen parkland habitat. With the help of many dedicated community volunteers, the park's mandate is to preserve the natural integrity of the site for passive recreational pursuits and ecological education.

Through the aspen forest, song birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles make their home. Plants such as saskatoon, chokecherry, hazelnut, twining honeysuckle and wood rose all present themselves to the hiker along the trail. At the arboretum, found in the south west corner, you will find species of ornamental trees and shrubs hardy to the Yorkton area.

Take one hour out of your day and stroll along the trail. The park's diversity of plants and animals will delight you. Remember to take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints behind.