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Certificate of Achievement Online Form 2019

Please fill out the form below to submit.  This page is encrypted to greatly ensure that your submission remains confidential over the Internet.  Suggestions can be made anonymously for consideration. However, if you want a reply from the City then we require that you fill out your full name, address and phone number.

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In 2000 Words or less, please describe details of achievement


1. The City of Yorkton Certificate of Achievement is developed to provide the Mayor and City Council with a meaningful and enduring way to recognize citizens of extraordinary achievement. Yorkton residents who achieve international, national or provincial excellence in business, education, academics, science and technology, community service, the arts or sports may be considered for this special honour.

2. Citizens, City Council, and Administration may nominate individuals for recognition. The decision to select qualified candidates rests with City Council upon recommendation of the Civic Recognition Awards Committee. The City Clerk's office will liase with the Mayor's Office to coordinate the process, production and protocol supporting the presentation of a "Certificate of Achievement".


In order to be considered for a City of Yorkton Certificate of Achievement, a citizen must excel in one or more of the following ways:

1. First, second or third place in an officially recognized international level sport competition.
2. First place in an officially recognized national or provincial level sport competition.
3. First, second or third place in an international level artistic or cultural competition.
4. First place in a national or provincial artistic or cultural competition.
5. The achievement must have occurred within twelve months of the date of nomination. The nominator should be prepared to document the recommended achievement.
6. Receive top international, national or provincial recognition for excellence in business, education, science and technology, academic achievement, community service or tourism development.