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Call for Applications - City of Yorkton
2019 Council Commissions, Committees and Boards

Would you like to contribute to advising City Council on various matters of interest to you? If so, the City of Yorkton is looking for volunteers to sit on the following Council Commissions, Committees and Boards in 2019:

• Citizen Recognition Awards Committee
• Community Development, Parks & Recreation Committee
• Municipal Heritage Advisory Sub-Committee
• Development Appeals Board
• Economic Development Committee
• Environmental Committee
• Planning & Infrastructure Commission
• Protective Services Committee
• Yorkton Public Library Board

Information on the purpose of the Committee and Member duties are available on the City’s website at by choosing the specific committee bylaw. Further questions may be directed to the Mayor’s Office at (306) 786-1717. If you are interested in volunteering for one of these committees, please submit a brief letter (500 words or less) indicating why you are interested, and what you believe you can contribute to the Committee. Please include your full contact information (name, address, phone number, email, and the committee you are interested in sitting on), and submit by one of the following:

        1. Email to
        2. Mail or Hand Deliver a submission to:
                               City of Yorkton
                               c/o City Clerk’s Office
                               2nd Floor – 37 Third Avenue N.
                               P.O. Box 400
                               Yorkton, SK.
                               S3N 2W3
        3. Complete an online submission form click here

Deadline for applications is January 2, 2019, 4:00 p.m. Those selected for appointment will be contacted by the Office of the City Clerk, and announced at the January 21, 2019 Council Meeting.

**Committee member applicants should be residents of Yorkton, however those residing outside of City limits may be given special consideration.**



2018 Committees/Boards/Commissions of Council
*Appointed at the January 8, 2018 Regular Council Meeting*



Board of Revision

  2017 Assessment Year - Gord Krismer & Associates
Clint Krismer - Chair
Gord Krismer - Vice Chair
Jeff Hutton - Chair
Charmaine Luscombe - Member
Don Van Beseleare - Member
Brian Lynch - Member
Reg Skinner - Member
Christin Krismer - Board Secretary

Citizen Recognition Awards Committee


Mayor Bob Maloney
Councillor Quinn Haider
Councillor Mitch Hippsley
Tom Seeley
Gerry Peppler

Community Development, Parks & Recreation Committee


Delmar Zwirsky
Gerry Smysniuk
Tonia Vermette
Lori Glauser
Don Pfiefer
Debbie Tripp
Councillors Randy Goulden and Ken Chyz

Municipal Heritage Sub-Committee

Gene Denischuk
Doug Kitsch
Allan Bailey

Development Appeals Board


Arliss Dellow
Richard Bolt
Guy Gendreau
Larry Haas
Rob Bear

District Planning Commission

              Mayor Bob Maloney <representing City of Yorkton>
Councillor Ken Chyz <representing City of Yorkton>

Economic Development Committee


Terry Popowich
Jason Farrell
Laurie Renton
Linda Turta
David Dungey
Terry Tyson
Ron Skinner
Charles Ryder
Councillor Aaron Kienle and Councillor Darcy Zaharia

Emergency Measures Organization


(Requirement under The Emergency Act Section 9 (1) and
City of Yorkton Bylaw No. 7/98)
Trevor Morrisey, EMO Coordinator
Darcy McLead, EOC Manager
Lonnie Kaal, City Manager
Terrence Schneider, City Clerk
The Director of Finance
Jeff Simpson, RCMP Staff Sergeant

Environmental Committee


Doug Kitsch
Stephen Rosowsky
Tom Courville
Corvyn Neufeld
Stefan Bymak
Sandra Bilan
Mayor Bob Maloney and Councillor Darcy Zaharia

Gallagher Centre Management Board

  Councillor Randy Goulden (Chair)
Councillor Aaron Kienle
Councillor Mitch Hippsley
Councillor Quinn Haider
Councillor Ken Chyz

Parkland Regional Library Board

            To be appointed by the Yorkton Public Library Board

Planning & Infrastructure Commission


Jerome Niezgoda (Christ the Teacher Roman Catholic Separate School Division)
Dorothy Ostapowich
Eleanor Shumay
Gord Gendur (Good Spirit School Division)
Glen Tymiak
Mike Popowich
Michelle Rondeau (Provincial Health Region)
Eugene Fedorowich
Councillors Randy Goulden and Aaron Kienle

Property Standards Appeal Board


Councillor Ken Chyz (Chair)
Councillor Mitch Hippsley
Councillor Aaron Kienle
Mayor Bob Maloney
Councillor Darcy Zaharia

Protective Services Committee


Andrew Sedley
Dennis Nelson
Marlon Milbrandt
Gerry Peppler
Michelle Goulden
David P. Bucsis
Terri-Ann Lepowick
Lauretta Ritchie- McInnes
Councillors Mitch Hippsley and Aaron Kienle

Yorkton Airport Authority Board


Mayor Bob Maloney
Councillor Ken Chyz
Councillor Randy Goulden
Councillor Quinn Haider
Councillor Mitch Hippsley
Councillor Aaron Kienle
Councillor Darcy Zaharia

Yorkton Business Improvement District


Bruce Thurston
Jason Greschuk
Paul Pedersen
Gale Pelletier
Andrew Rae
Marina Walls
Mervin Laird
Carma Gramyk
Lindsay Teichroeb
Councillor Ken Chyz

Yorkton Housing Corporation Board


Councillor Darcy Zaharia (Chair)
Councillor Ken Chyz
Councillor Randy Goulden
Councillor Quinn Haider
Councillor Mitch Hippsley
Councillor Aaron Kienle

Yorkton Public Library Board


Lauretta Ritchie-McInnes
Margaret Phillips
Debbie Skalicky
Eileen Dellow
Shirley Glauser
Mervin Laird
Adelyne Bobowski
Councillor Quinn Haider
Darcy McLeod, Ex-Officio

1. The Mayor is an ex-officio voting member of all Council Committees and when in attendance possesses all of the rights, privileges, powers and duties of other members, whether elected or appointed, however the Mayor’s attendance shall not be included for the purpose of determining a quorum.

2. All members of Council may attend the meetings of Council Committees established by Council, and may take part in the proceedings of the same, however unless appointed as a member, shall not have a vote.

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