City of Yorkton
Special Council Meeting Minutes
October 30, 2006

Minutes of a Special Meeting of Council held on Monday, October 30, 2006 at 5:00 p.m. in Council Chambers City Hall.

Present: Past Mayor Phil De Vos, Mayor-elect Chris Wyatt, Councillors Elect Les Arnelien, Dick DeRyk, Randy Goulden, Bob Maloney, Larry Pearen and James Wilson.

Guests: His Honour Judge Ross Green and Reverend Ken Buchan.

Staff Members Present: David Putz, Laurie-Anne Rusnak, Lonnie Kaal, Darcy McLeod, Dean Clark, Bonnie Schenher, Michael Buchholzer, Trent Mandzuk, Don Kunkel, Cindy Alcorn, Kim Durdin, and Shawna Kriger-Kemp. Recording: Gloria Signarowski.

Past Mayor Phil De Vos in the Chair called the Meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Past Mayor Phil De Vos congratulated all the newly elected Council Members and turned the Chair over to the Returning Officer at 5:06 p.m..

Report of Returning Officer

Laurie-Anne Rusnak, City Clerk and Returning Officer advised there were an estimated 12,994 eligible voters of which a total of 5,748 votes were cast. This represents a 44% turn out of voters which was an increase and the highest recorded turnout. She complimented her staff in running the election and introduced Bonnie Schenher as the Associate Returning Officer who provided the official results of the 2006 Municipal Election.

Inauguration of Council

His Honour Judge Ross Green, Judge of the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan, presided over the swearing in ceremony of Mayor Chris Wyatt and Councillors Arnelien, DeRyk, Goulden, Maloney, Pearen and Wilson. A Declaration of Office by Elected Officials was taken and completed by the Mayor and each Councillor.


Reverend Ken Buchan was present in Council Chambers and delivered the invocation to the Members of Council.

Notice of Motion

Councillor DeRyk referred to the Notice of Motion that he provided requesting the rescheduling of the next meeting of Council due to the commitments that some of the Councillors have for the World Junior “A” Hockey Challenge. After receiving feedback from his fellow Councillors, he suggested to leave the meeting as scheduled for November 6, 2006 but advised he will be unable to attend the November 6, 2006 Council Meeting.

Councillor Goulden also informed the Members of Council that she is involved in the World Junior “A” Hockey Challenge and suggested an earlier start time and that the agenda be kept as short as possible.

Goulden – Maloney
That the Regular Council Meeting scheduled for November 6, 2006 commence at 4:00 p.m.

Goulden – Arnelien
That this Special Meeting of Council adjourn at 5:27 p.m.

Approved this 6th day of November 2006.

Chris Wyatt

Bonnie Schenher

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