Downtown Parking

Free Downtown Parking in Lots and Downtown Parking Enforcement

Parking in the downtown City-owned parking lots is currently free until August 31, 2020. With most downtown businesses open again in some capacity after May 19, 2020, enforcement of 15-minute meters, accessible (handicap) parking spaces, and 2 hour on-street parking will remain in effect. 

With City Hall still closed to the public, parking permits for the downtown parking permit lots can be purchased online at

More information will follow in the coming weeks about extensions for current downtown parking permit holders that were unable to use their parking passes during the period that Public Health Orders were in effect.

Downtown Parking Permit Extension

In light of COVID-19 Public Health Orders that closed the doors to many downtown businesses, and City Council approving free parking in City parking lots, the City of Yorkton would like to offer Downtown Parking permit holders an extension to their expiration date of their parking permit. To be eligible for the extension, parking permit holders must have a valid parking permit as of March 23, 2020 (parking permit must expire after March 23, 2020). To take advantage of this offer, please bring your parking permit to City Hall to exchange it for a new one.  The deadline to take advantage of this offer is July 10, 2020. 

For example: If my parking permit expires on September 14, 2020, I can bring the permit to cashiers at City Hall and they will give me an extended permit to compensate for the free parking months. 

Please note: Parking passes are non-refundable but may be shared or given to someone else.

If you have any questions, please contact Bylaw Services at or leave a message at 306-786-1725.

Map of public parking areas

Downtown Meter Parking

Our downtown is a vital part of our community and by improving customer access to downtown parking, we hope to maintain and further improve that vitality. 

The objective is to provide easy, accessible on-street parking for customers to come and shop freely in the downtown core. A review in previous years of on-street parking utilization indicated that a large percentage of the parking stalls were being used by employees, resulting in limited on-street parking for customers.

Two hour parking is in effect from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.  Where two hour street parking is established, no person shall park for more than two hours on that entire block, move the vehicle to another spot on that block at the expiration of two hours, or use more than one parking space. 

Parking passes can be purchased for the City's Permit Parking lots.  Rates for the permits are as follows: 

Daily Permit:  $5.00
Monthly Permit:  $20.00
3 Month Permit:  $40.00
6 Month Permit:  $60.00
Yearly Permit:  $100.00

Permit Parking Lot locations can be found here.

It is not the responsibility of the City of Yorkton to provide staff parking for businesses in the downtown core.  However, we are offering the option of inexpensive parking in the permit parking lots.  This will result in providing more accessible on-street parking for customers.

While the solution is certainly not perfect, we have endeavored to try and meet the needs of the majority of residents in our community. 


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