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Council of the City of Yorkton at their Regular Council Meeting of Monday, April 12, 2010 passed a resolution setting the new prices of the lots in Riverside Meadows Phase II. Following is a map outlining the new prices. You will note that some lots have a reduction in price attached to them. This subdivision required extra fill to eliminate the requirement to install a sewer lift station. Some lots will require additional piles and costs associated with foundations to get down to undisturbed soil. Rebates to these lots by way of reducing the pricing (range between $6,000 $12,000 & $18,000 per lot) and is recorded on the attached map. The attached map records original pricing and reduced pricing for lots affected by soil conditions.

  Click Map to Enlarge

The work is underway to complete the subdivision and includes water mains, sewer mains, base/streets/lanes, curb/gutter/sidewalks, pavement, street lights and park development along with utilities. The hard services are expected to be completed this year and home construction can begin in the spring, however, not all lots have all services in place yet. Completion of curb, sidewalks, and street lights are scheduled for 2010 with pavement planned for 2011.

The City of Yorkton is now offering lots for sale in Riverside Meadows Phase II.

All terms of our Purchase Agreements will remain the same.

1. Sale of Residential lots are conducted through the Office of the City Clerk.
2. Upon signing of an Offer to Purchase Agreement, 10% down plus GST, is required. The Purchaser then has 30 days to complete the purchase.
3. If the agreement is cancelled within 3 days, a $250 cancellation fee is retained, after 3 days if the agreement is cancelled, a $500 cancellation fee is retained.
4. The balance is due within 30 days of acceptance of the Offer to Purchase agreement by the City. Title is then transferred upon payment in full and the purchaser begins paying taxes on vacant land. 90 days after the vapour barrier inspection the home converts from vacant land to a residential property.
5. Under no circumstances may a Purchaser begin construction until payment in full has been received.
6. The City will collect the cost required by ISC for transfer of title and we will transfer title into the name of the Purchaser upon payment in full.
7. The City will collect $510.00 plus GST, to pay for a surveyor to have a Real Property Report completed after the framing stage. We will then provide the Purchaser with three (3) original copies of the Real Property Report and we will retain one (1) for our property file.