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Economic Development Officer
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  • The City of Yorkton has a population of 19,643 representing a 2.05% growth rate over the last year. (Saskatchewan Health 2017 Covered Population)

  • Yorkton is the third largest trading area in Saskatchewan and a vibrant economic centre of the east central Saskatchewan region. Yorkton serves a trading area of 150,000 people within 150 kilometer radius. 

  • Yorkton has a diversified economic base with more than 1,000 businesses, which employ over 9,000 workers. Manufacturing, food processing, construction, agribusiness, retail trade, and healthcare are the current strengths of Yorkton’s economy.

  • Yorkton is a centre for food processing with two canola oil crushing plants plus grain and meat processing.  These three industries alone have over 500 employees.

  • Yorkton is in the middle of the largest and richest potash field in east central Saskatchewan.  The majority of potash mines are serviced from communities within 100 kilometers, with the majority of projects within 120 km of Yorkton.
  • The city’s labor market area covers approximately 32,600 square kms, 5.1% of Saskatchewan’s total area. Yorkton has a regional labour force of approximately 62,900 people available within this area.  This represents about 6% of Saskatchewan’s total population.

  • Yorkton has been featured as one of Alberta Venture Magazine’s Best Communities for Business in the category of “Community on the Rise” for 2012.  The pace of the economic growth in the past few years and the excellent potential for future growth, especially in the resource sector, made it possible to receive this distinction.

  • Yorkton’s excellent level of educational, healthcare and leisure services, expanding housing sector, competitive business environment, and readily available amenities are just a few of the reasons why Yorkton is one of the best places to live, work, visit, and invest.

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