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Fire Protective Services

Fire Protective Services
Tel: (306) 786-1795
Fax (306) 786-6588

Management Staff for the Fire Protective Services Department consists of a Fire Chief, a Deputy Chief in charge of Operations and Training, and a Deputy Chief in charge of Inspections and Investigations.  Our fire suppression force is a composite force of 16 permanent full time, 4 temporary full time unionized members and 8 auxiliary fire firefighters.

The department's responsibilities cover a wide range of tasks including fire suppression operations, rescue activities, training, public education and fire prevention activities.

The department operates out of a centrally located station and manages a fully equipped fleet of emergency vehicles. This fleet consists of the following:

  • one 2009 Pierce Velocity 100' Aerial Platform with a 2000 GPM midship pump (L2)
  • one 2010 Pierce Tanker with a 500 GPM pump (T1)
  • one 2005 Pierce Contender Custom 18ft Heavy Rescue (R2)
  • one 2002 midship 1250GPM E-One Engine (E2)
  • one 1991 midship 1050GPM Pierce Custom Engine (E1)
  • one 1987 utility vehicle (U1)
  • one 2009 Chevy 1 ton with a wildland package (U2)
  • Three fully equipped command vehicles for incident command and fire prevention work (C1, C2, & C3)