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Community Maps Initiative

In early 2012, the City of Yorkton was accepted by ESRI Canada as a partner in their Community Maps Initiative. ESRI Canada Community Maps Program facilitates the sharing of geographic information among government organizations and the public. National and community base maps are provided online free of charge, promoting the development of geographic information systems (GIS) applications and fostering innovation.

The maps are designed to be used as general purpose basemaps supporting a wide variety of applications, including economic development, disaster management, elections planning, community planning and community outreach. By participating in the Community Maps Program the City of Yorkton benefits from reducing the costs while making our data widely available. Community Maps are easily accessible via the web to both employees and the public, 24/7.

You can view the various interactive webmaps that have been created by visiting the links on our City Maps page.

These basemaps can be integrated with additional data layers from our database or from other ArcGIS Online ( users to develop new applications and publishable maps. The basemap is authored at multiple scales from 1:20,000 down to 1:1,000.

Data provided by the City for the Community Map included:

  • Streets
  • Parks
  • Boundaries
  • Buildings (Civic Addressing)
  • Landuse
  • Contours
  • Water bodies
  • Aerial Imagery
As new data becomes available to the City it can be sent to ESRI Canada and our basemap can be updated. This will ensure that the data used is the highest quality and that he maps are kept current. The basemap can be used by participants in ArcGIS on their desktops and in ArcExplorer (online). The basemap can also be used to build Web applications in ArcGIS APIs for REST, JavaScript, Flex and Silverlight.