Planning and Engineering

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This division incorporates the day to day planning and engineering operations in the City. The department also oversees the preparation and approval of land development (infrastructure planning, zoning/plan review, and subdivision approval), engineering capital works, as well as management of both transportation systems (transit and Municipal Airport) and solid waste disposal.
  1. Land use and Zoning   Design, Drafting, Surveying and Contract Administration

- Development Plan and Zoning Bylaw

2. Downtown and West Broadway Decorative Lighting Information on Downtown and West Broadway Decorative Lighting Project
3. Bradbrooke Drive and Gladstone Avenue Roundabout Intersection Information on Yorkton's new Roundabout intersection
4. Mapping and Geographical Information System Mapping design and administration
5. Drafting and Design Design and surveying of city infrastructure 
  6. Municipal Airport   Operation and Maintenance
  7. Public Transit   Operation and Maintenance


Solid Waste Management   Manage the collection of garbage and recyclables and the disposal of solid waste.
        - Garbage Collection Map
      - Landfill
  - Bylaw Information
  9.  Capital Works Projects   Design and implementation of capital Projects


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