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Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan is a policy plan. A policy plan enables a municipality to set development goals, objectives and policies which Council can use to manage land use, subdivision, utilities and municipal services in the Municipality.

In order for the City of Yorkton to administer its own land use policies, an Official Community Plan must be adopted and conform with the requirements of the Planning and Development Act, 2007, which is a legislative statute in the Province of Saskatchewan. Without a contemporary plan, Council may not be able to anticipate and guide or properly manage development activities.

The Current Official Community Plan was adopted in 2003 and is known as Plan Yorkton, City of Yorkton Municipal Development Plan (Official Community Plans were formerly called Municipal Development Plans). Growth in Yorkton was occurring at a slower rate and the City was faced with different needs, and established different priorities than those faced today.

In addition, the City undertook an ambitious planning study in 2005 and 2006, known as the City of Yorkton Downtown and West Broadway Redevelopment Plan. The Redevelopment Plan promoted several progressive initiatives for the beatification and revitalization of some of the City’s oldest neighbourhoods. However, the Redevelopment Plan was never adopted as a City Bylaw, and some of the initiatives have not been fully realized. A new Official Community Plan, fuelled by Community input, will help Council and Administration integrate the most desirable goals of the Redevelopment Plan into future policy.

Zoning Bylaw

A Zoning Bylaw must be adopted in conjunction with an Official Community Plan and it serves to implement the Plan. Together, the two bylaws:

  • guide orderly physical planning of the community and foster positive economic and social development;
  • assist in the protection and conservation of natural resources and established land uses;
  • guide Council decisions on development proposals and empower Council to enforce its decisions;
  • set out the desired pattern for future development in the municipality and separate incompatible land uses;
  • inform developers, land owners and residents how the municipality intends to direct development; and
  • allow the economical development of municipal services, and the division or full payment of servicing costs between the municipality and developers; and
  • provide for the protection of the health, safety and well-being of the Municipality’s residents.

Like the current Official Community Plan, the Zoning Bylaw was adopted in 2003. It too has become out-of-date, and needs a general overhaul. The new Zoning Bylaw will make regulations easier for the public, land developers and City Administration to understand. It will also help to implement the new goals that are brought forward through the Official Community Plan.

Sign Bylaw

A Sign Bylaw acts to supplement the Zoning Bylaw. As indicated by the name, the Sign Bylaw specifically regulates the placement and installation of all types of signs. The current Sign Bylaw (Bylaw No. 16/2003) lacks sufficient detail and does not reflect modernized advertising techniques (such as the use of electronic display billboards). A new Sign Bylaw will allow for advertising that is aesthetically pleasing without being overwhelming, while also ensuring public safety.


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