City Launches New Emergency Communication System

City of Yorkton logo

The City of Yorkton is pleased to announce its new emergency communication system, Voyent Alert! smart notification service.

Voyent Alert! is a multi-purpose communication service used to send alerts to residents, businesses, and visitors during critical events like extreme weather, fires or floods, as well as for relevant day-to-day communications such as snow removal advisories, construction, road closures and water advisories.

“We are excited to bring this emergency alert platform to our community, giving residents the opportunity to choose which alerts they would like to receive,” said Director of Fire Protective Services and Fire Chief Trevor Morrissey.

The notification system allows residents to create and track multiple locations such as “kid’s school” or “mom’s house”. Any event or communication related to your tracked locations will be forwarded to you along your preferred communication channel.

“One of the great things about this system is you do not have to own a smartphone to use it. You can sign up your landline to receive alerts without an internet connection or look for alerts posted on our “Current Alerts” page on our website,” said Morrissey.

Yorkton residents are encouraged to download the Voyent Alert! app for free from the Apple or Google Play app stores, or register online at

“The Voyent Alert! application will not replace any existing communication during emergencies, such as news releases and information online, but will act as an additional tool,” said Morrissey.

For more information about this service, please visit our Voyent Alert System page.