Civic Recognition Award Winners

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The Civic Recognition Awards Committee presented the 2020 Civic Recognition Award in the Group Category, prior to the February 22 Council meeting.

In light of COVID-19, each category winner will be presented their award during the next two regular Council meetings to keep the number of individuals in one room below the maximum capacity. 

The awards are given annually to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions for the betterment of the City.

Adult Civic Recognition Category Winner

Jason Boyda is the 2020 Adult Civic Recognition award winner. Jason, a teacher at Yorkdale school, is a dedicated football and basketball coach for all levels, who does whatever he can to help students excel. 

In addition to managing interleague and inter-provincial play, he takes teams across the border into the United States, and is involved in fundraising and organizing events. 

Congratulations Jason!

Youth Civic Recognition Category Winner

Katelyn Anderson is the 2020 Youth Civic Recognition award winner. Katelyn has been involved in the Cadet organization for nine years, first with the Navy League Cadets and now with the Army Cadets. She is also very involved in the LGBTQ+ community in Yorkton. 

She has received several other awards including the Royal Canada Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence, for outstanding cadet service, citizenship and comradeship. 

Congratulations Katelyn!

Group Civic Recognition Category Winner

Farming for Health is the 2020 Group Civic Recognition award winner.

The Farming for Health Project was founded in 2013, with the objective to provide a visible symbol of the support the community would provide to a fundraising campaign for a new hospital, and to demonstrate that money could be raised while continuing to conduct normal operations.

The Farming for Health Project has raised approximately $1,492,000 towards the hospital and the purchase of medical equipment. The Project has brought together many businesses that are normally competitors who set that aside to improve our community, making it a better place to live and raise a family in, now and in the future. Farming for Health are ambassadors to other centres for what is possible when the community works together. 


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