Deer Park Golf Course Clubhouse Project

Deer Park Golf Clubhouse

In 2019 the City of Yorkton conducted an Indoor Recreation Facility feasibility study with aodbt Architecture and Interior Design. In addition to the replacement of the Kinsmen Arena, the Deer Park Clubhouse was also identified as being a facility that has reached, or is nearing, the end of its useful life. After approving a general concept plan, and location for a possible new clubhouse at Deer Park at their October 26, 2020 Council meeting, City Council tasked Administration to work with aodbt Architecture and Interior Design to take the approved concept plan through to 100% design. The proposed new clubhouse would include water and sewer service as well. The feedback below was presented to Council along with the final design and preliminary cost at the October 25, 2021 Council Meeting for Council consideration to decide whether to proceed to tender. Council approved construction of a new Clubhouse at their January 31, 2022 Council Meeting with a budget of $7.6 million.

Community Engagement Process

 The intent of the process was to gain feedback from the Community on the design concept of the Deer Park clubhouse.

This feedback was shared with Council as part of the project final presentation.

Feedback received by Administration was forwarded to the consultant, aodbt Architecture and Interior Design. 


Virtual Open House Questions and Answers

The following responses are provided from questions received through the public consultation and open house process. We thank everyone what submitted their comments.

Will the large trees that are now behind the 9th green alongside the walking path/deck need to be removed to make room for the new clubhouse? If so, can they be moved elsewhere?
The project team has made all efforts to maintain trees by siting the new clubhouse on the location of the existing.  Unfortunately, the trees referenced will be lost.  They are too mature to be relocated.
Do the plans and the budget include paving of the roadway into the course and the parking area?
Pending budget, there are plans to pave the roadway and parking after construction is completed.
Does the budget include all required furnishings for the dining room and decks? All kitchen equipment?
Total project budget presented will include these items.
Is there an aerial view of the location of the new clubhouse superimposed over the existing clubhouse and surrounding area to more accurately show the location in relation to the existing building, practice areas and trees?
 A new plan has been uploaded to show the footprint of the current clubhouse.
 Why was the under deck cart storage not being considered as part of this project?
The decision to not do cart storage under the deck was indeed a difficult one.  Unfortunately the elevation change to have more of a “walk-out” basement could not be realized unless the clubhouse was constructed closer to or on the 9th green.  Without the benefit of grade, this basement storage had to be dug out and significant ramps were required to get carts in and out.  It was one of the many technical challenges of this solution that ultimately drove up the cost.
Since cart storage will be dealt with at a future date, why wouldn’t you put the Superintendent of the course in the new facility for cart storage when you build it rather than putting a nice new office in the new clubhouse?
It is not unreasonable to provide an office for the golf course superintendent along with a place for staff to come in to the clubhouse during break, as this is one of the multitude of functions envisioned for the meeting room.  There is a lack of space existing in the maintenance area currently for such functions.
I’m very pleased that at last the City of Yorkton is looking at a clubhouse that will do justice to and enhance the wonderful golf course we have here in Yorkton. The design of the new clubhouse looks very functional and is certainly a huge improvement over what is currently there. The fireplace is a very nice touch but if cost is a factor than it makes you wonder why the money is being spent to put in a fireplace for a facility that is mainly used in the summer.
In our cold climate even a mid-summer evening can cool off, and the fireplace is designed to allow indoor as well as outdoor usage.
I’m wondering about the need for a meeting room. I understand that it is intended to be used as a tournament room. We certainly don’t need another general meeting room in Yorkton there are more than enough already. Could this area be better utilized as part of the dining area or at the very least give it a foldable wall so that the space can be multi-purpose. Rather than a tournament room the biggest concern when hosting a tournament at Deer Park is seating for the banquet and prize presentations.
 The meeting room has been envisioned to provide the following services
  • A tournament room, especially for more competitive tournaments where scorecards can be collected and officials can gather. Tournaments currently utilize the sunroom to manage their tournaments and store/distribute prizes, which conflicts with the need to serve meals and impacts the facility capacity.
  • For events this can be used as a break-out room.
  • Maintenance staff will be provided this room for use as there are no other staff facilities on the site.
  • The most important use is for the Ski Club in winter.  The Ski Club rents cross country skis and requested a room that they could keep their equipment locked.  Having this room will give them a prominent, safe, and secure place to set up during the winter months.
What plans does the city have for the cart storage during the winter? Right now they are being stored on the Golf Pro’s family property. He will not always be there and then what happens to them? A Quonset will have to be built and that cost will be 10 times more than putting underground storage in right now.
The decision to not do cart storage under the deck was indeed a difficult one.  Unfortunately the elevation change to have more of a “walk-out” basement could not be realized unless the clubhouse was constructed closer to or on the 9th green.  Without the benefit of grade, this basement storage had to be dug out and significant ramps were required to get carts in and out.  It was one of the many technical challenges of this solution that ultimately drove up the cost. As such, a decision on cart storage will be deferred and any future facility will be free-standing.
No locker rooms? Shower facilities and lockers should be part of any new clubhouse.
 Please see response below.
There doesn’t seem to be a layout on any kind of locker room. I am not sure showers etc. are needed but a place for lockers should be included in a new build. Has this been considered?
Even prior to the COVID pandemic it was determined by facility users that a locker room is not well utilized.  It was decided to use this space for other clubhouse features.  More specifically, club storage was noted as a priority by members over lockers. If, however, there is a rejuvenated interest in lockers in the new facility, a number of lockers could be added into the washrooms. There is a room allocated that can be used for golfers to change from work clothes into golf attire.  This room is located just off the pro-shop and can also be used to try on merchandise.
I believe the new clubhouse will be a great addition to Yorkton’s recreational facilities. The upgrades will provide a much more pleasant experience. Proper kitchen and ample seating options will see large groups utilize this facility. New washrooms will be a huge improvement. I also believe that building a multi-use facility (golf/curling/skiing/tobogganing) with a large private room, would have been a great option as well. It could be utilized year round. I understand that there is not an unlimited pot of money and I applaud and support city administration and council on their decision to look at various options and allow for public input.

Thank you for the positive feedback.  Of the activities you noted, 3 of the 4 will be accommodated within the new clubhouse, including a significant upgrade for the Cross Country Ski club with easily accessible washrooms and a dedicated space in the winter months (noted as the meeting room on the plans) to rent equipment from. 

The 4th, Curling, was discussed early in the design process.  While many other communities combine golf and curling, the curling rink in Yorkton shares an ice plant with the skating rink at the Gallagher Center.  Moving the curling rink out of a well-functioning space to Deer Park, with the space and ice plant requirements, would have been very cost prohibitive.  And the resulting space left at the Gallagher Center would not be able to accommodate the other recreation needs of the City.

According to the 2019-2020 audit, this golf course lost $347,081 in 2019 and lost $223,267 in 2020...Would this project help cover that gap?

Redeveloping the golf course clubhouse would replace the City’s oldest recreation infrastructure which has a myriad of challenges.  Golf course revenue, however, is largely driven by the course itself and green fees.  As such, a new building is unlikely to cover any yearly shortfall.

Redeveloping the golf course clubhouse would replace the City’s oldest recreation infrastructure which has a myriad of challenges.  Golf course revenue, however, is largely driven by the course itself and green fees.  As such, a new building is unlikely to cover any yearly shortfall.

Will the restaurant be utilized for all 4 seasons. Be a waste of dollars to have only 3 seasons
The restaurant will be designed to be utilized in four seasons and could host events during the off season.  Operationally it may not make financial sense to have the restaurant open at all times during the winter, but this could be examined upon building opening.
What will the total estimated completed total cost be? Building plus water and sewer, earthworks, paving, landscaping, etc.?
This will only be finalized through tendered numbers.  Pre-tender estimates are being finalized.  During the feasibility study presented to Council in October of 2020 the project budget range was between 4 and 7 million.
In 2009 a study requested by the city had indicated that the Kinsmen was 10 years from "end of life" What is being done to address this immediately?
The Gallagher Centre Renewal project was put on hold while further investigation into the future viability of the Kinsmen Arena, to continue operating as an ice arena, was further investigated. A summary of those findings will be presented to Council later this fall to inform their decision for either replacing the Kinsmen Arena or investing resources for improving it.
In the 2019 Indoor Recreation and Facility Feasibility study, what ranked higher, the Kinsmen or the clubhouse? And if the Kinsmen ranked higher, why was it bypassed for the clubhouse?

Both the Kinsmen and the Clubhouse were identified as requiring attention.  Each had separate challenges that made it hard to prioritize one over the other.

Based on the findings of the Recreation Feasibility Study, in 2019 Council approved looking at the detailed design for the replacement of the Kinsmen Arena.  After the design process and community consultation, it was decided to take a pause on this project.  Soon after the Kinsmen Arena replacement/Gallagher Center Renewal project concluded, Council gave direction to explore the feasibility of replacing the Deer Park Clubhouse.  This project has now proceeded through the design process to pre-tender and community consultation.

Based on the above, no project was given priority over the other and the Kinsmen is actually being examined in more detail first, not bypassed.

As both the Kinsmen and the golf course are seasonal. What are the user numbers for each facility broken down to monthly, weekly, daily? What facility gets more use?
Although usage/participant numbers are an important factor when replacing community infrastructure, the Kinsmen Arena and Deer Park Clubhouse are both older assets that have reached the end of their useful life, as determined by various 3rd party studies. Therefore, both facilities are in need of significant upgrade or replacement in order for all members of the community to be able to continue to benefit from their use.
What is the annual operating cost of each facility broken down to be able to compare the two? Maybe by user? or by day?

Although operating costs are important factors in the operation of any public facility, both the Kinsmen Arena and the Deer Park Golf Course require significant investment by taxpayers to ensure both facilities can continue to provide a benefit to all community members.

It should be noted that the clubhouse at Deer Park is used by the Cross Country ski club in the winter months, and the new Clubhouse design will greatly enhance the winter usage experience.  This includes school groups having a place to congregate before and after a skiing trip in the dining area.  Tobogganing may also benefit from accessible washrooms while the facility is open during the winter.

Will the new clubhouse take away revenue from the Gallagher Centre? Is the Gallagher Centre and it's meeting rooms booked to capacity year round? Does the city require another rental venue?
While Deer Park may be used for facility rentals as users desire a more intimate gathering space, its design has been focused on supporting golf in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter.
The Kinsmen provides a location for Tim Bits hockey (free), public skating (free), what does a new Deer Park clubhouse provide for low cost or free recreation to the residents?
As noted above, beyond golf the Cross Country ski club and tobogganers will benefit from enhanced spaces for these recreational pastimes.
I have heard comments from some on council that the new clubhouse will create economic spin offs for businesses within the city. Is there a way to quantify this? Does a few golf tournaments bring in more money than multiple hockey tournaments with 8-12 teams?
Every activity or event that takes place in the community has an economic spin off. It is difficult to quantify, without completing an economic impact assessment of every event or tournament etc. to determine which one is more valuable to the community. In order to maintain the economic impact of both facilities, significant investment is required to ensure that both facilities can continue to provide economic value to the community.
Less sales floor area and larger club storage (look to the future).
Early in the process it was identified that the Deer Park Pro Shop is the only golf shop remaining in the City.  As such, it was desirable that the pro shop sales area be maintained.  That said, the size of sales floor is undersized to reflect the modern golfer’s desire for club fitting carts and the Pro’s desire to carry less inventory.

The club is currently down to ~70 bags stored.  As such, allowing for 92 provides room for some growth.

Fireplace isn't necessary - deck heating can come from propane type heaters or natural gas type.
 It is agreed that a fireplace is not required.  It is, however, a desirable feature that people do enjoy as part of a gathering space.
Put sliding doors or a folding wall on the meeting room so it can be used for larger gatherings and would allow for more indoor seating.
The flexibility in seating is derived from the large covered patio and the doors that can be opened from the dining room to this space.  This design inspiration came from user feedback seen at many other clubs and allows for a number of seating opportunities, both inside, and in conditioned and non-conditioned spaces outside.  
No showers?? Again look to the future.
 In discussion with the users the consensus is that golfers are moving away from showering at the Clubhouse.  This same consensus formed regarding locker rooms in general.
Leaving out the basement storage will likely come back to haunt you but I'll be dead so I'm not going to worry about that now
The soil conditions on the site resulted in a full crawlspace under the building.  This space cannot be utilized for storage based on the building code, and there was no desire to fund additional excavation to a full basement.
 Interior finishes are quite boring - just my opinion as I like color.
The palette selected is purposely quite natural.  Color can be difficult to select as it results in facilities that look modern at opening, then ultimately can be dated as the facility ages.
 Appears to have a lack of wall space for pictures and trophy area and also a serious lack of storage space for tables and chairs etc - PA system - dishes in kitchen area - dry good storage in kitchen area - more to come?

A display area and trophy case has been positioned in the main corridor just off the front entry.

A generously sized room has been provided for tables, linens, and beverage storage adjacent to the point-of-sale.  This would not include kitchen storage (dry goods, plates, etc) which are accommodated in the kitchen itself.

The team understands that in any project there can never be enough storage.  The amount provided must be balanced against available building area and funding.

I see there are accessible stalls in the gender‐identified washrooms. For this building, seeing as how there is the possibility of hosting events, please include a family‐friendly (gender neutral) accessible washroom, with diaper changing facilities.
Thank you for your feedback.  This is an important accommodation and we will work to incorporate it within the plan.

Project Planning Timeline

The following represents the process for community engagement, including Council input and feedback, for the Deer Park Golf Course Clubhouse project. Numerous other discussion, project team meetings took place but have not been included here. 

  May 11, 2020
At the May 11, 2020 Council meeting, Council directed Administration to engage aodbt Architecture and Interior Design to further investigate the options for replacing the ageing clubhouse at the Deer Park Golf Course.
 June 19, 2020

On June 19, 2020  the project team held an engagement session with the user groups. During this meeting, a conceptual plan was provided to user groups for comment. User groups included:

  • Junior Golf Club
  • Ladies' Golf Club
  • Men's Golf Club
  • Senior Men's Golf Club
  • Senior Ladies' Golf Club
  • Yorkton Cross Country Ski Club
  • Deer Park Golf Course Staff and Operating Contractors
 September 30, 2020
On September 30, 2020 there was a Zoom meeting held in regards to the conceptual planning of Deer Park Golf Course Clubhouse's location. aodbt Architecture and Interior Design presented options for location of the new clubhouse. Administration, along with aodbt Architecture and Interior Design, requested feedback from the user groups following the locations presented.
 October 26, 2020

At the October 26, 2020 Council meeting, aodbt Architecture and Interior Design presented the various concept plans for Council consideration. The concept plans presented were to meet the needs of:

  • Daily golfers
  • Daily golfers as well as space to support meals provided for tournaments
  • Daily golfers, tournaments as well as providing storage options for the course's fleet of power carts

Council provided Administration with the direction to refer the Deer Park Clubhouse Replacement project discussion to a 2021 strategic planning session of Council to determine the preferred option. Council further directed Administration to engage a consultant and continue through 100% detailed design of the preferred option, once selected by Council.

 April 19, 2021
At the April 19, 2021 Council meeting, Council further discussed the scope of a new clubhouse including the servicing requirements for water and sewer. 
 May 4, 2021
A virtual re-engagement session was held with the user groups that participated in the initial user group input sessions. 
 June 10, 2021
A virtual re-engagement session was held with the user groups to obtain feedback and input on design.
 June 24, 2021
A virtual re-engagement session was held with the user groups to obtain feedback and input on design.
 June 28, 2021
A re-engagement session was held with the user groups to obtain feedback and input on design.
 September 20, 2021
At the September 20, 2021 Council meeting, Administration received approval to provide the design to the public for feedback.
 October 1, 2021
A Virtual Public Open House had been provided on with feedback received, including responses.
 October 25, 2021
At the October 25, 2021 Council meeting, Council approved an estimated budget of $7,200,000 and directed Administration to Tender the project and bring the bids back to a future Council meeting.
January 31, 2022
Council awarded construction of the new Clubhouse with a total budget of $7.6 million. The Clubhouse portion of the project was awarded to N.L. Construction Inc. of Yorkton, Saskatchewan, with the water and sewer portion of the project being awarded to Castle Oilfield Construction Inc. of Virden, Manitoba.

Construction Updates

Clubhouse Demolition

The demolition of the old Clubhouse began on Monday, April 4, 2022. Demolition was completed on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. Site clean up was completed following the excavation of the foundations of the former clubhouse. The material excavated will be used as backfill once the new foundation is complete.


During the construction of the Clubhouse, public parking will be adjusted based on different stages of construction. The current parking plan is in effect as of July 11, 2022.

Deer Park Golf Course Parking Plan as of July 11, 2022

Media Updates

 Golf Saskatchewan

Clark Stork, Director of Communications with Golf Saskatchewan, sat down with Mayor Mitch Hippsley and Darcy McLeod, City of Yorkton's Director of Recreation and Community Services, to discuss the announcement and approval of construction of the new Deer Park Golf Course Clubhouse.