Birthday Party Package

Birthday Party Rentals will not be accepted at this time.

Our Access Water Park offers birthday party packages. Enjoy a swim in the pool and a meal after. Catered meals are provided by the Harvest Grill, located in the Gallagher Centre.

Our birthday party package includes the following:

  • Admission to the Water Park public swimming time and use of water park features;
  • Access to Play Zone room in the Water Park for up to two hours; and
  • Tables and seating for up to 15 guests.

To book a water park birthday party, please complete the request form and submit by email. Staff will contact you to confirm package details once the application is received.

Payment is required during the finalizing of the booking.

Request a Water Park Birthday Party

All water park birthday parties must follow the Water Park Admission process.

Birthday party package option

Water Park Party Package 
 Age GroupHotdogChicken TendersBurger

Preschool (age 0-2)

$ 7

$ 8

$ 9.50


$ 10.50

$ 11.50

$ 13


$ 12.50

$ 12.50

$ 14


$ 14

$ 14.00

$ 15.50

Choose between a Harvest hotdog, chicken tenders or burger. All meals come with a drink (juice or pop) and choice of fries or a veggie cup. Meals are made on site and served in the Play Zone.