Neighbourhood Parks

Neighbourhood parks are intended to serve the close-to-home special and recreation needs of a neighbourhood. Neighbourhood parks are generally smaller and within a 5 to 10 minute walk from home. Your neighbourhood park may also be a destination or special use park that serves the whole community.

BMX Park

Located east of Columbia school, the BMX park is a great gathering point for cycling enthusiasts to gather.


Brodie Recreation Corridor

This park links the skate park and Patrick park with a multi-use pathway that connects to downtown Yorkton. This corridor is suitable for walking, jogging, bike riding, and roller blading.


Centennial Park

This park is an open green space located in the south west corner of the city.


City Centre Park

City Centre park features benches and a stage for entertainment for small community gatherings. The mural located on the east end of the park was designed and painted by Grant McLaughlin. Located in the heart of Yorkton, City Centre park is a perfect venue for a fundraiser BBQ, party or other event.


City Hall Park

Located at the south side of City Hall, City Hall park is a great spot to enjoy the downtown atmosphere.


Croswaithe Park

A large open field located on the west side of the city makes this park suitable for lacrosse, soccer or football.

Elizabeth Park

An open green space situated at the south end of Elizabeth Avenue.


Erichsen Park

This park is located north of the Parkland Mall on Franko Drive and features fitness stations along its walking path.


Franko Park

A small green space located north of Parkland Mall on Franko Drive.


Harris Park

A large green space located on the east side of the city on Harris Drive.


Heritage Heights Park

Heritage Heights Park is conveniently located in the north of the city, just off of Mayhew Avenue. This park offers a range of amenities for all age groups to enjoy which include:


Jackson Park

Located in one of the central neighbourhoods of Yorkton, Jackson park offers amenities for all ages in the area. Amenities include:


Knights of Columbus Park

Knights of Columbus Park is located in the south west area of the city. This park offers a variety of amenities for the whole community to use:


Langrill Park

Hidden behind the homes on Langrill and McBurney Drive, Langrill Park is an open green space that is the perfect local spot to get away from the noise of the city.


Logan Green

Situated on the south end of the City, Logan Green is the City's largest park. Six kilometers of gravel pathway is perfect for walking, jogging, or cycling and bends past several points of interest.

As part of the water management system at Yorkton's water treatment plant, this park includes unique backwash settling ponds, a trout pond, stream, allotment gardens and six multi-use sporting fields. Logan Green can be accessed from Laurier Avenue, Tupper Avenue, Gladstone Avenue and Queen Street.

A fully stocked trout pond provides a natural ecosystem with educational opportunities. A provincial licence is not required, however hooks must be barbless and live bait is not allowed. A parking lot providing quick access to the trout pond is located off Queen Street, adjacent to the Water Treatment Plant. For questions or more information on the trout pond, please email or call 306-828-2470.


Morrison Park

Morrison Park is located just off Morrison Drive, north of the Gloria Hayden Community Centre. This park includes a pathway that connects the neighbourhood, as well as provides a safe route of travel for children attending St. Michael's and M.C. Knoll elementary schools.


Patrick Park

Patrick Park Disc Golf Course was the first disc golf course to be installed in Yorkton. This park has a variety of trees that make the course a challenge to all. This course can be played the full nine holes or can be combined with the new Rodney Ridge Course. Picnic tables and benches are provided to allow for a players break area.


Ravine Ecological Preserve

Located west of the Gallagher Centre, the Ravine consists of a hiking trail that works its way through grassland, aquatic and aspen parkland habitat. The 2.8 kilometre hiking trail will guide you through the preserve. While visiting, enjoy the natural integrity and the ecological education.

Along the trail of the Ravine Ecological Preserve there is interpretative signage about the Dulmage Farmstead, a municipal heritage site. You can see remnants of the buildings from this important heritage site.


Riverside Terrace Park

Riverside Terrace Park is located at the far north east corner of the city in a newly developed neighbourhood.


Rodney Ridge

This park has a bowl type landscape, which is perfect for tobogganing. Rodney Ridge Disc Golf Course is the newest course installed in 2020. Rodney Ridge is known for it's large green space and large changes in elevation. This course has some of the longest holes in the Parkland region.


SaskTel Pioneer Park

Located on Betts Avenue in downtown Yorkton, SaskTel Pioneer park provides a park space for the downtown community to enjoy.


Shaw Park

At the centre of this large, open park is "Doorways to Opportunity," a provincial centennial gateway sculpture created in weathered steel by artist Lionel Peyachew in 2005. The interactive spiral connects the sun to significant Yorkton features. Walk into the past and return to the present with inspiration for the future.



Located on North Street, SIGN park is a neighbourhood park that meets the basic needs for families in the area. In this park is a playground and open green space for families to enjoy.


Silver Heights Park

Located in the Silver Heights neighbourhood, Silver Heights Park serves the southern area of the community. Amenities include:


Tupper Park

Located along Tupper Avenue, Tupper park has a large green space and is now home to Yorkton's newest playground.


Ukrainian Pioneer Park and Drake field

Located in northern residential area of Yorkton, Ukrainian Pioneer Park has been recently developed to include the varying amenities:


Waterloo Park

Waterloo Park is a hidden park located behind the residential homes of Waterloo road and Wellington Park road. This park includes a playground and open green space for the area residents to take advantage of.


Weinmaster Park

Situated in the north east corner of the city, just off Morrison Drive, Weinmaster Park boasts a number of great things to do for the whole family. Below is a list of unique amenities that can be found in Weinmaster Park:

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