The City of Yorkton is home to a leash-free dog park. In this fenced in area, your dog has the space it needs to run around. This park includes benches, picnic areas, garbage cans and bag dispensers.

Outside of designated leash-free areas, we ask that you keep your dog on a leash. This includes the walk to and from the dog parks. While in the Dog Park, please keep your dog within line of sight and under verbal control. You can find dog park rules in the accordion at the bottom of this page.

Please see our Animal Control Bylaw for more information.


Wiggly Field off-leash Dog Park is located off York Road, south of Jaycee Beach ball diamonds.

Dog park rules

Dogs can be unpredictable. The City of Yorkton cannot guarantee that interaction with unfamiliar dogs within the premises will be safe. Because of this inherent risk, usage of off-leash parks is done at the visitor's own risk.

Follow these rules to keep our dog parks safe for everyone to use:

  • No dogs without people, no people without dogs
  • This area is for dog play, not child play
  • Leave all food, treats and toys at home
  • Use leash coming and going from the park. Carry leash throughout the park
  • Remove prong, pinch, spike and choke collars
  • Handlers must be at least 16 years of age. Children must be supervised
  • Handlers must be in view of and in control of their dogs at all times
  • Only dogs with current registration and vaccinations allowed
  • Dogs in heat not allowed
  • Dogs less than six months old not allowed
  • Prevent dogs from chasing people and wildlife as well as from digging holes or damaging plants
  • Owners are responsible for any damage or injury caused by their dog
  • Leash-up and leave if your dog is acting aggressive
  • Always clean up after your dog inside and outside the park
  • Glass containers are not allowed
  • Smoking is not allowed.

Please report any concerns you may have regarding the off-leash dog park by filling out our online form.

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