Multi-use pathways provide the opportunity for people to take part in a low cost activity. You can use them to get from A to B or for recreation. They are free for all to use and open 24-7. A few trails are lit and some are not. Pathways accommodate different forms of active transportation, such as:

  • walking
  • jogging
  • cycling
  • strollers
  • skateboarding
  • roller blading
  • wheelchairs
  • other wheeled and non-wheeled modes of human powered transportation.

Download our pathways map to see where all of our pathways are located in the city.

The Great Trail (formerly known as The TransCanada Trail)

The City section of The Great Trail is 5.8 kilometres in length. This trail is used for many modes of transportation, including walking, cycling and jogging.

Download our main trail map to see where you can experience a small portion of this trail.

Logan Green Pathway


  • an off-shoot of The Great Trail
  • six kilometres of gravel and unpaved pathways, that wind and bend around scenic areas of Logan Green
  • A beginner level trail that is enjoyed by all residents

View our Logan Green Pathway map for your next visit


  • Benches and garbage cans
  • Parking Lot, located at the Queen Street entry
  • Trout pond
  • Rotary Memorial Gardens
  • Botanical Gardens
  • City of Yorkton tree nursery

Ravine Ecological Preserve Nature Trail


  • Located west of the Gallagher Centre
  • 2.8 kilometre unpaved nature trail
  • Many scenic views
  • Interpretive signage about the Dulmage Farmstead

Download our trail map for your next adventure at the Ravine Ecological Preserve.


  • Benches and garbage cans
  • Arboretum
  • Viewpoints

Multi-use pathways

Multi-use pathways are designed to encourage active transportation between different neighbourhoods, schools, parks and business districts in the community. Find a multi-use pathway near to get active in your city.

Winchester pathway


  • Winchester pathway connects Silver Heights Park to Patrick Park
  • The pathway is .68 kilometres long


  • Silver Heights Park, which includes a spray park, playground and outdoor rink
  • Patrick Park Disc Golf Course
  • Benches and garbage cans
  • Pathway lighting

Brodie pathway


  • Extends from Broadway Street at Brodie Avenue to Patrick Park.
  • Connects with the Winchester pathway at the corner of King Street and Gladstone Avenue South.
  • The pathway is 1.03 kilometres long


  • Rodney Ridge Disc Golf Course
  • Skateboard Park
  • Benches and garbage cans
  • Pathway lighting
  • Retention pond
  • Porta-potty, located by the Skateboard Park.

Mayhew pathway


  • Connects York Road to Broadway Street and Highway #10.
  • Joins with the on-street bike lanes at Darlington Street.
  • This pathway is 1.4 kilometres long


  • Benches and garbage cans
  • Pathway lighting


  • Gloria Hayden Community Centre
  • Heritage Heights Park

Highway #10 pathway


  • The Highway #10 pathway follows the south side of Broadway Street.
  • Connects Mayhew Avenue to the business community at Broadway and Highway #9 and up to Dracup Avenue.
  • This pathway is .88 kilometres long


  • Benches and garbage cans

Dracup pathway


  • Connects the various businesses on Broadway Street at Dracup Avenue.
  • Leads to the on-street bike lanes on Darlington Street
  • Continues north to service the Parkland College
  • This pathway is 1.5 kilometres long and has .89 kilometres of the pathway paved.


  • Retention pond
  • Walking bridge

Pathway development

Future pathways are determined well in advance. We look for heavy foot traffic in parks or grassed areas along roadways to determine the need of a pathway. We also look at how the pathway would provide a connection between businesses, parks, schools and neighbourhoods in the community.