Special Use Parks

Disc golf course

Yorkton has two disc golf courses. Each course can be played separate for nine holes or can be played together as an 18-hole course. The first course is located at Patrick Park and the second course is located at Rodney Ridge.

Equipment rental

Want to try your hand at disc golf before buying equipment? Recreation Services offers equipment rentals at no cost. You can contact us by email or calling 306-786-1750 to schedule a pick up time.

Off-leash dog park

Please view our Off-Leash Dog Park page for information about our dog park.

Skateboard Park

View our Skateboard Park page for information about our skate park.

Erichsen Fitness Park

This park is located north of the Parkland Mall on Franko drive and features fitness stations along its walking path.



There are four different toboggan locations in Yorkton.

Deer Park Golf Course

Deer Park Golf Course is located west on Highway 52. The terrain makes Deer Park a great location for tobogganing during the winter.


Knights of Columbus Park

Located at in the south west corner of the city. Knights of Columbus has a large man-made hill for residents to use for tobogganing during the winter.


Rodney Ridge

Rodney Ridge is every toboggan-lovers dream. Slopes of all kinds can be found at this park. Located in the center of Yorkton, Rodney Ridge is considered a hub during ideal tobogganing conditions.


Weinmaster Park

Weinmaster park, in the north east corner of the city, has a large man-made hill that is ideal for tobogganing.


Rent a special use park

Are you interested in renting a facility, like one of our special use parks, for your event? Download our Park Rental Application and submit it by email to begin the process.

Questions or concerns

Report a concern or contact us by email for any issues relating to our special use parks.