"Promise and Potential"

Yorkton in the Early 1900's
A Self-Guided Walking Tour

Wend your way to a bygone day.
Thru the times of the town,
Past the places and people.
The sights and the sounds,
A bell tolls in the steeple.

Yea, Time...It has so much to say.

It wound its threads and wove its tapestry,
'Tis today.

This is our heritage.

Welcome to the heritage walking tour.  This self-guided experience will introduce you to Yorkton's past.  The private homes and public buildings are of interest both in their relationship to the history of Yorkton and as samples of the City's architectural heritage.

The tour begins at the Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre and ends at 29 Myrtle Avenue.  If you proceed at a leisurely pace, the walk will take about an hour and a half.

The book can be obtained for free at City Hall, as well as the Tourism Yorkton Visitor Information Centre.

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