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CPR yard as it appeared in 1910.

Standing at the corner of Broadway and 3rd.

The Balmoral Hotel most noted for its operation by the Bronfman's during prohibition years.

Roxy Theatre at 11 Broadway E.; Currently the location of Bank of Montreal.

Mac's Service Station built around 1923 this was located at the corner of Broadway and 1st Avenue.

1891 - The first Manitoba and North Western Railway Company train into Yorkton.

This 1907 picture shows Levi Beck's farm implement office and shop. The bowling arena is now located on this spot.

The original Hudson Bay Store built in 1905 as it appeared in 1913.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier's Special Train into Yorkton. It was the first passenger train on the Melville-Yorkton branch of the Grand Trunk Pacific. July 20, 1910.

Busy day in the Village of Yorkton, 1897.

1910 - The Prime Minister's Visit. Motorcade leaving to visit the grain fields. Sir Wilfred Laurier is in the first car with Levi Beck. Car trouble developed at the corner of 3rd Avenue, and Sir Wilfred was transferred to another car to the embarrassment of every one, particularly Levi.

Cesna Crane - Aircraft used by the Yorkton Flight Training School of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. 1942-1943

Formation flight of Cesna Cranes, at Sturdie, a paved relief airstrip east of Yorkton. The airstrip was used to absorb the overflow of the main airport of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, North of Yorkton. 1942-1943



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