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Yorkton Flood
Community Service Providers

People and organizations looking to make cash donations to the Yorkton flood relief efforts can contact any one of the organizations below:

Salvation Army Yorkton Flood Relief        Phone:   621-4449
Box 456
Yorkton, SK  S3N 2W4

The Salvation Army provides a food bank and clothing depot in Yorkton for those in need. They also provide volunteer support during disaster situations distributing cleanup kits and providing spiritual and emotional support.

Canadian Red Cross                                     Phone:  782-4355
c/o Michael Pasloski
#26 – 336 Gladstone Avenue South
Yorkton, SK   S3N 3W3

The Canadian Red Cross helps vulnerable communities in Canada and around the world affected by emergencies and disasters. Following a disaster, the Red Cross works with governments and other humanitarian organizations to provide for people’s basic needs including; shelter, family reunification, information, food and clothing.

SIGN                                                              Phone:  783-9409
83 North Street
Yorkton, SK   S3N 0G9

The Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbors Inc., known as SIGN has a three-fold purpose:

  • To develop new programs in response to demonstrated community needs
  • To deliver services and to administer programs
  • To provide administrative support services to community social groups.

SIGN on Broadway has been involved in the Yorkton flood by housing people displaced from their homes.

Yorkton Friendship Centre                         Phone:  782-2822
139 Dominion Avenue
Yorkton, SK   S3N 1S3

The Friendship Centre works with Aboriginal and non-aboriginal people of Yorkton in areas of providing funding information, debt recovery plans, financial negotiation and networking. Some people displaced by the flood will be supported by the Yorkton Friendship Centre

Parkland Victim Services                             Phone:  786-2408
c/o Yorkton R.C.M.P.
37 3rd Avenue North
Yorkton, SK   S3N 1C1

Parkland Victim Services works with victims of crime and traumatic events. Parkland Victim Services was involved in the initial response to the flood by providing emotional support to the people displaced from their homes on July 1st and in the following days.

Soup Haven                                                  Phone:  782-5666
186 Allanbrooke Drive
Yorkton, SK   S3N 3G5

The Soup Haven provides lunches to children in need during the school year as well as assembling food hampers for families. They also provide a hot supper once a month.


This should not be considered a comprehensive list of community service providers.