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Electrical and Gas Safety

General Electrical Safety – Indoors During the Flood

  • Water and electricity are a bad combination
    • Water is a relatively good conductor of electricity.
    • Water will complete the electrical circuit to ground – resulting in electrical shock or electrocution.
  • Household electricity is 120/240 volts
    • SaskPower will pull your meter if there is flooding in the vicinity of your electrical service.
    • If there is water in the vicinity of your electrical distribution panel, it may not be safe for you to open the main breaker.
    • Never disconnect or unplug an electrical device if you are standing in water.
    • Keep children away!

General Electrical Safety - Indoors After the Flood

  • When in doubt call a Licensed Electricial Contractor
    • Do not use any appliance or electrical device that has been submerged until:
      • It has been thoroughly dried out;
      • If power is off, remove plug and switch covers to help dry out.
      • The appliances or electrical devices have been inspected; and
      • All electrical motors are cleaned, dried and inspected (furnace, freezers, refrigerators, washers, dryers).
    • If your electrical panel came into contact with water, call an electrician!
    • Use a flashlight.
    • Use a ground fault protected plug for any devices used in damp areas (wet/dry vacuums, etc.).

Water Damage

  • All service feeders and equipment that were submerged in water must be inspected and tested.
  • All devices providing electrical protection (breakers, GFCI breakers and receptacles) must be replaced if they were submerged in water.
  • All electrical equipment showing signs of corrosion must be replaced.
  • All circuits that were submerged must be electrically tested to the rating of the cable (NMD cable 300 volts).
  • Special attention must be paid to electric motors.
  • All meter sockets and panels must be securely mounted.


  • If SaskPower removes the meter for flooding (safety) reasons, an Electrical Inspection is required before the service can be re-connected.
    • Verify the electrical integrity of insulation;
    • Examine electrical equipment for damage and/or corrosion and repair/replace as required;
    • Replace any breakers or GFCI outlets that were submerged in water

How Do I get my Power Back On?

  • Call a licensed Electrical Contractor
    • To check things out and make necessary repairs or ensure your installation is safe.
  • The contractor will call for an Inspection
    • The Inspector will approve the work;
    • And call SaskPower District people to re-connect the service
  • The District staff will re-install the meter

Electrical Safety - SaskPower Equipment

  • If power lines are down – call SaskPower at 310-2220
    • Do not approach; and
    • Keep everyone away.
  • Unusual Noises from underground transformers and pedestals - call SaskPower at 310-2220
    • Do not approach; and
    • Keep everyone away.

Furnace Safety

  • The B149.1 National Gas and Propane Installation Code requires:
    • All gas appliances and equipment exposed to fire, explosion, flood or other damage must be inspected by an acceptable authority before being returned to service;
    • A licensed gas fitter is considered an acceptable authority; and
    • In general, any equipment that has been submerged should be replaced.