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Insurance Items to Consider

Identify the source of water as to where it originated i.e.

  • Sump Pump Hole
  • Sewer drain (floor drain), toilet, shower, etc.

If water migrates through foundation walls or cracks in floor, this is defined as seepage, which is not covered by insurance. If water enters through windows or doors, this would be defined as a flood and is not covered under your homeowner’s policy unless the policy specifically covers flooding.

Once the source of water is confirmed: Remove WATER from the area. Use pumps or call a restoration contractor. If there is damage, please take photos if possible, INCLUDING contents being thrown out, and make a list of all contents with as much detail as possible. Please confirm with your insurance broker BEFORE removing contents from the affected area; some insurance companies may not want contents removed until an inspection has been completed. Take pictures and maintain a written log of items that need to be discarded. If you are able to remove contents from the affected area, please wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, boots, etc.

If accepted by your insurance broker, remove flooring if possible.  Keep samples.  Please use gloves, rubber boots, etc for health and safety concerns. Store contents that are not damaged in a dry environment or secure storage. Keep track of time spent in cleaning.  Please try to keep the damaged area cordoned off to prevent contamination of clean undamaged areas of the dwelling.

If you are unable to do any of this work, please call a restoration contractor. Click here for a list of cleaning contacts. As always, property owners are encouraged to make sure the contractor is licensed through the City of Yorkton before hiring them. Please contact 786-1709 or 786-1710 weekdays between 8am to 4pm to verify that they have been licensed in the City of Yorkton.

As mentioned above please call your insurer or broker to report your claim, and have your policy information available when reporting your claim.