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Flood-Related Items to Consider

Building Services Division of the Planning & Engineering Department at the City of Yorkton will be completing inspections on houses and other buildings throughout the city. The following broad recommendations apply to all flooded buildings.

Ventilation - Keep doors and windows open. Use fans and where possible introduce fresh outdoor air to basements, crawl spaces and cellars. Use dehumidifiers.

Collection of Evidence for Insurance Purposes - Prior to the removal of wet and damaged items within areas that have been flooded ensure that pictures are taken along with samaples of damaged items to provide the necessary evidence for insurance purposes and Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP).

Remove Moisture - Remove all wet and damaged household items. Continue to remove standing water. Remove floor coverings. Remove wet drywall, paneling and interior insulation to a dry level above the highest water line. Continued seepage of ground water needs to be controlled/removed.

Gas and Electrical Services - Electric, natural gas or oil burning appliances that were flooded must be inspected/cleaned or otherwise reconnected by qualified trades people. Electrical service panels that have been in water may need to be replaced. Electrical plugs that have been in water must be allowed to dry out.

Disconnection of Electrical and Gas Services - Disconnects of electrical service should be undertaken if any plugs are below the water level - contact SaskPower @ 310-2220 to request your service to be shut off. Where gas fired appliances are affected by the water levels - contact SaskEnergy @ 1-800-700-0427 to have service shut off.

Reconnection of Electrical and Gas Services - Reconnects of electrical service must be completed by a certified electrician.  Reconnects of gas services must be completed by a licensed plumber (gas fitter).

Clean-Up of Flooded Homes - Flood waters may contain diseases due to contamination from sewage.  Flooded surfaces should be cleaned with a good detergent and then rinsed before being treated with a disinfectant solution.  Disinfection is essential to kill bacteria from sewage, and prevent development of moulds.  Refer to page 5 of Cleaning Up After The Flood for more information on suitable disinfectants and equipment for cleaning flooded areas.  For additional information please visit the Sunrise Health Region Flood Cleanup page.

Asbestos - If you suspect your home contains asbestos please see this page on Health Canada's website.

General Observations

Soil conditions are such that buildings will continue to see the effects of moisture laden soil for some time. As the soils dry out continued movement will be noticed. Doors and windows binding will be the most noticeable. Cracking in concrete and concrete block foundation may be seen. If significant changes occur it is important to have your building inspected.

Anyone wishing to have their house or other building inspected can contact Building Services at 786-1710.

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