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The first mechanical sewage plant, located at Dracup and York. 1937

Historically, Yorkton has progressed through  a series of wastewater treatment facilities. The first Municipal facility was a septic tank at Smith Street and 6th Avenue in the early 1900's. The facility was replaced in 1909 by another septic tank at Dracup and Darlington Street. This discharged into Yorkton Creek.

In 1937 the first mechanical sewage plant was constructed at Dracup Avenue and York Street. The plant consisted of a primary clarifier, aeration tank and final clarifier with sludge drying  beds.  It was rated at 1 MIGD.  Additional upgrades where made between 1949-1951 when an anaerobic digester and a trickling filter were added.

Aerial view of the second mechanical plant and lagoons. 1982

In 1970, because of inadequate performance and high operational costs the mechanical plant was abandoned and replaced by an aerated lagoon system constructed at the site of the present treatment plant. A lift station was also built to pump sewage from the end of the sewer infrastructure to the lagoon. The lagoon facility was designed for sewage flow of 1.25 MIGD.

Again because of operational problems and poor performance the aerated lagoon in turn was abandoned in 1979 and a mechanical secondary plant was constructed adjacent to the lagoon where the current plant is located. The plant's design capacity was 1.54 MIGD.


Current plant under construction. 1990

The City outgrew that facility and began construction on a entirely new plant in 1988.  In 1991 the City of Yorkton officially  opened the H. M. Bailey Water Pollution Control Plant.  This plant is still in use today.

Information on the current plant

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