History and Folklore Summary
1950 - 1959


- The first Yorkton International Documentary Film Festival was held at City Hall.

- The Pro for York Lake Golf Course was Metro Prystai, Detroit Red Wings Hockey star.

- Emmanuel Balacko and M. J. Yaroshak took over the ownership of the Balmoral Hotel in March.

- The Coop Store opened on Betts Avenue on January 14th.

- Cradle phones were installed in the city in mid-January.

- On the weird side of life, it was reported January 28th that Derek Everard set a new record by consuming 38 eggs in 25 minutes!

- On March 11th, over a thousand people flocked to the opening of the new Bank of Montreal.

- On June 26th, the Crest Drive-In Theatre on Broadway East opened with a capacity crowd.

- In mid-July, Yorkton and district raised $9,000 for the Manitoba Flood Relief Fund.


- In a newspaper column "Along Game Trails" dated July 5th the author Harry Swallow reports that 2 whooping cranes had been seen in the area.

- A movement began to restore the Presbyterian Church in Yorkton, and on February 15th, it became officially known as Knox Presbyterian Church.

- The official opening of the Dr. Brass Vocational School took place in the new auditorium on September 28th.

- Preston's Prescription Pharmacy opened Monday, December 4, 1951.

- The Patrick Block on Third Avenue North was sold in early January to Levine and Silverman.

- On January 28th, a huge fire consumes Croll's Broadway Store.

- In May the famous R.C.M.P. dogs were being trained in Yorkton.

- Over 1,200,000 worth of livestock was handled at the Yorkton Co-op Stockyards in the first three months of the fiscal year, August 1 to September 30th.


- Private Gregory Anaka died in battle in the Korean War on October 23. He was the only one to die of the Yorkton men who enlisted.

- On June 18th parking meters were installed on Broadway and Betts Avenue on a trial basis, although polls showed much opposition.

- King George VI died on February 6th.

- Saskatchewan Motor Club opened a branch office in Yorkton.

- CJGX celebrated its 25th anniversary.

- Blommaert and Svenson took over the General Motors agency.


- After having been situated in two different locations in the city, the Salem Evangelical Church was relocated on the corner of West Broadway and Franklin Street.

- Parrish and Heimbecker built a new elevator on 7th Avenue North.

- Louis St. Laurent, Prime Minister, visited Yorkton in July.

- A severe lightening bolt hit the tower of City Hall then located at # 30 Third Avenue North (in 2006 the location of the Painted Hand Casino & Parking lot.) The tower considered unsafe, was removed along with the bell and displayed at the Western Development Museum located at the Yorkton Airport. Both can be viewed today at the WDM on Highway #16 west of the City.


- In October, the traffic signal lights were in operation on Broadway Street.

- Woolworth Stores bought the old Hudson Bay property on Broadway and Second Avenue North.

- The Canadian Federation of University Women/Yorkton Club was established this year.

- The first diesel-driven freight on the Canadian Pacific Railway passed through Yorkton at 3:10 p.m. on Friday February 19th, having left Winnipeg at midnight on its way to Edmonton. (Source: Clipping from THE YORKTON ENTERPRISE Feb. 25, 1954.)

- The official opening of the Federal Government Building at # 37 Third Avenue North was held on September 20th.


- On the occasion of the Governor General Vincent Massey's visit a reception was held at Dr. Brass School, and a dinner at the Yorkton Armouries.

- "Terriers won the league standing and went on to win the playoffs to advance to the Allan Cup playoffs. Vern Pachal won the league scoring honors."(A CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF SENIOR HOCKEY IN YORKTON, 1901-1967)


- The City council purchased 100 copies of Dr. H. Swallow's book "OX-TRAILS TO HIGHWAYS."

- In July, the Deer Park Ladies Club voted in favour of affiliating with the Canadian Ladies Golf Union.

- H. M. Bailey, City Engineer gave a report that the Post Office building was being renovated for City offices. The first meeting of Council took place on June 25, 1956 in the new offices.

- In the first part of July, Survey Aircraft Limited of Vancouver (Anson CF DLF) spent four days completing photo survey work in the Yorkton area, crewmembers were H. W. Topliss and H. Russel.


- William E. Fichtner became Mayor, serving until 1969, making him the longest to hold this office in the history of Yorkton.

- On April 15th, the City administrators began plans to celebrate 75 years of settlement, but decided to hold festivities in 1958.


- Yorkton Television Ltd -CKOS-TV was established.

- Anderson Lodge was officially opened on Wednesday May 27, with Premier T. C. Douglas officiating.

- A two-man diplomatic Russian delegation from the Canadian Embassy visited Yorkton and attended Yorkton's 16th International Film Festival.

- The Yorkton Film Council introduced a special trophy in the form of a "Golden Sheaf" representative of the "Wheat Province" of Saskatchewan. It has been awarded yearly since to the exhibitor judged the most outstanding of the entire Film Festival.


- This year, a monthly periodical of the Ukrainian Redemptorist Fathers, THE REDEEMERS VOICE first published in the Ukrainian language, began publishing in English and Ukrainian.


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