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Vancouver 2010 Relay

Olympic Torch Relay Final Torchbearer

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC) requested nominations for a final torchbearer to light the Torch Relay Cauldron at Yorkton’s Community Celebration.

These nominations were to embody the Olympic Spirit, with selection criteria aligned with VANOC’s core values of team, trust, excellence, sustainability and creativity. The final torchbearer was to be someone from our community who is a symbol of pride, excellence, inspiration, accomplishment and peace, committed to making their community, their country or themselves stronger.

Yorkton’s final torchbearer, as selected by VANOC, meets all of the requirements set out above. He has been involved in every aspect of community life from his time as a young person to working with young people as an adult. He continually strives to improve our community so that it will be a better place. This person is a leader in the community, organizing events that bring people together through his involvement with the Yorkton Business Improvement District, Yorkton Exhibition Association and many other community groups and organizations.

As an athlete, this person has participated at the High School, Provincial, University and National levels in various sports such as football, hockey and baseball. He has been inducted into the Yorkton Sports Hall of Fame in both the athlete and builder categories. This person has carried his love of sport with him to his adult life by coaching almost every sport imaginable, including Yorkton’s first ever Special Olympics Track and Field team. He believes that giving back to his community by volunteering in various capacities, contributes to the development of our youth as the leaders of the future.

As is witnessed by his participation in sport, this person leads a very active lifestyle and believes the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices. As such, he was instrumental in the development of the Yorkton Business Improvement District’s Walk-a-Mile Program, whereby footsteps have been painted on the sidewalks of downtown Yorkton to encourage people to be active and visit the various businesses in the downtown.

He was the first Chairperson of the Canadian Association of Student Activity Advisors and was named a Life Member by the Canadian Kinsmen Clubs and both the Canadian and Saskatchewan Student Council Advisors. When something needs to get done in Yorkton, everyone looks to involve him as he not only believes in making our community stronger, he lives it every day.

The Yorkton Task Force for the Olympic Torch Relay is very proud to introduce Barry Sharpe as the Final Torchbearer for the Olympic Torch Relay Community Celebration in Yorkton.

Ms Randy Goulden, Chairperson of the Yorkton Task Force for the Olympic Torch Relay said “Barry Sharpe epitomizes Yorkton’s Olympic Spirit, with his dedication to the VANOC core values of team, trust, excellence, sustainability and creativity. He believes in, works and volunteers to make our community and residents stronger.”

For more information on the Olympic Torch Relay Celebration in Yorkton, please contact
Chairperson, Ms. Randy Goulden @ 306-783-8707.

Final Torchbearer Barry Sharpe with Task Force Chairperson Randy Goulden