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Olympic Torch Relay Legacy Project

Yorkton is a city where good things continue to happen! Selected as a Celebration Community to host the Olympic Torch Relay on January 9, 2010, we are proudly creating an artistic legacy of this extraordinary event.

Made possible through funding from the Government of Saskatchewan's Olympic Torch Relay Community Celebration Fund, a call for expressions of interest, from artists interested in creating a representation of the spirit of winter sport, brought back a gratifying response from Saskatchewan sculptors.

Well-known artist Grant McLaughlin was chosen by the community selection committee to produce the legacy. His concept of Fire and Ice, reflecting the fiery spirit (and icy venues) of winter sport, is a challenging venture. Supersized 3D figures engaged in a variety of related sports will be mounted high atop the exterior of the Gallagher Centre. A special feature is the use of recycled materials in its production, incorporating the green theme of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Solar lighting is being considered to enhance the sculptural installation.

A mini-version maquette of Fire And Ice will be displayed during the January 9th celebration, with the actual outdoor installation to follow in the spring.

This monumental work of art will be an enduring reminder of the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay and an inspiration for budding athletes of the future.

Chairperson of the Yorkton Task Force for the Olympic Torch Relay, Randy Goulden said that “Our goal has been to bring the magic and excitement of the Olympic Spirit to the Yorkton area. The creation of this community art piece will provide a lasting memory in Yorkton of the spirit generated by the Olympic Torch Relay!”

For more information on the Yorkton Olympic Torch Relay Celebration please contact
Chairperson Randy Goulden at: 306-783-8707