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Tel: (306) 786-1780

Urban Forest

Taking care of our urban frorest preserves the natural environment within out city and improves the quality of the air we breathe.

Trees are environmentally and economically benefial.  Did you know the average tree:

  • Consumes 26 pounds of carbon dioxide every year, transforming it into oxygen for your family;
  • Sheds up to 400 ltres of water per day (during the summer);
  • Removes over 75% of nitrates found in ground water
  • Can reduce yor home energy bills by providing shade and cooling the air
  • Raise property values by about 20%
  • Create noise barriers and protect us from wind
  • Shelter wildlife; and
  • Beautify the surroung environment

Urban Forestry Bylaw No. 14/2015

Pruning Trees

Trees are pruned to remove dead and unproductive branches, to control diseases and to make trees structurally safe and balanced.

Click here for more information on Tree Pruning

Tree Mulch

Mulch is any material, organic or inorganic, applied to the soil surface in a layer around a tree about 7.5 to 10 cm deep.

Mulch has many benefits:

  • It reduces surface moisture evaporation.
  • It creates a physical barrier that prevents weed growth.
  • It prevents wind and water erosion of soil.
  • It reduces soil compaction and prevents mud or rain splash on tree trunks.
  • It can prevent damage from lawnmowers and string trimmers.
  • In the spring, a layer of mulch lessens plant damage caused by alternating freezing and thawing conditions.
  • In summer, mulch can cool the soil which promotes growth.

Trees should have a large mulched area extending past the tree's root system which usually extends out as far as the tree is tall. However, leave a 'mulch-free' area 3 cm around your tree's trunk to discourage small rodents from chewing on the lower bark.