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The purpose of the Environmental Committee is to advise and assist the Council with respect to all matters pertaining to water treatment, wastewater treatment and solid waste management within the City of Yorkton.

The objective is to be environmentally responsible and provide sustainable stewardship of our water, wastewater and solid waste in order to protect the environment. This includes, but is not limited to, reviewing solid waste management practices within the City of Yorkton and making recommendations to Council.


Section 55 of The Cities Act provides for the establishment of Committees and the Council of the City of Yorkton deems it expedient and in the general interest of the community that an Environmental Committee be appointed.

Committee Member Eligibility:

In order to be appointed to a Committee of Council, individuals must qualify as electors meeting the following requirements:

  • Canadian citizen;
  • full age of 18 years;
  • resided in the municipality, or on land now in the municipality, for at least 3 months; or
  • is the owner of assessable land situated in the municipality, or of land now situated in the municipality, for at least 3 months; and
  • has resided in Saskatchewan for at least 6 months.

Individuals who do not meet all of the eligibility requirements may be appointed to the Committee subject to Council passing a resolution exempting them from the requirement.

Current Members:

The Environmental Committee currently comprises of nine members appointed by resolution of Council. Seven of these members are from the community at large, while the remaining two are members of Council.

The Director of Environmental Services shall be the City of Yorkton’s Administrative representative to the Committee to assist and provide direction on all matters relating to the mandate of the Committee and his or her department shall be responsible for implementing policy and the directives as approved by Council.

Members are appointed by City Council on an annual basis. Vacancies will be posted and advertised on the City Website as well as in weekly published City News ads. Individuals interested in membership may submit their application to the Mayor’s Office in person at City Hall, 37 Third Avenue North, 2nd Floor or by mail to the Mayor’s Office, City Hall, P.O. Box 400, Yorkton, SK, S3N 2W3.


The Environmental Committee introduced the "Don't Bag It - Mulch It" program to city residents in 2014 and expanded the program in 2015 to include a residential composting component.  Residents were invited to participate in this program to showcase their lawns and lawncare practices by utilizing their lawn clippings rather than disposing of them in their residential waste. Backyard composting was included to further encourage reduction of residential waste and utilizing of these organic materials at home.  Participants were judged based on their completed lawncare and compost practice record logs as well as their lawn appearance.  Judging took place at the end of September.  The winner was announced in conjunction with Spring Clean Up Week for Yorkton residents, held May 9th to 14th with an award presentation made on May 10th. All participants were eligible to win a mulching mower or backyard composter.  Thanks to our corporate sponsors Logan Stevens Equipment, Canadian Tire and Recyclability Enterprises of Yorkton. 

The official announcement can be viewed here:  Contest Winner Announcement 

The news release can be viewed here:News Release for Mulch It Award Presentation


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