City of Yorkton
37 - 3rd Ave. North
P.O. Box 400
Yorkton, SK
S3N 2W3
Fax: (306) 786-6880


Purchasing of Goods and Services Policy

 Purchasing of Goods and Services-Policy 10-110


Request for Quotations


Quotations must be received before 4:00 p.m. on September 28, 2018

Please send sealed quotation to:
Department of Building Services
City of Yorkton
PO Box 400
Yorkton, Saskatchewan, S3N 2W3

Details of Quotation:

• Demolish complete structure including the foundation
• Remove all concrete from the excavation
• Fill excavation with appropriate material to achieve compaction
• Compact excavation material to 97%
• Provide a Procter report for compaction
• Fence site through demolition and until excavation is filled
• Remove all demolition debris from the site
• Landfill fees shall be at the City’s expense
• Work to be completed the Fall of 2018


Building Services has applied have the Gas line removed, which will take place the beginning of October. No exact date at this time.
Demolition will not proceed until verification of gas line removal is complete.

Special attention to the retaining wall of the neighboring property must be considered in the removal of the foundation. All precautions are to be taken as not to damage this retaining wall.
If complications arise during the demolition then work will halt immediately and Building Services will be contacted for consultation.

The Contractor is required to have a Health & Safety Program and to provide a copy to the City.
In the absence of their own Health & Safety Program, the Contractor must follow the City’s Health & Safety Program applicable to the Department for which they are hired.

Contractor must provide the City with a Letter of Good Standing with WCB.

Contact Person:
Enquiries regarding the procedure and particulars should be directed to:

Wayne Neufeld or Jeff Fawcett
City of Yorkton
Phone: (306) 786-1710

The City reserves the right to reject any or all quotations. Lowest or any quotation not necessarily accepted.