Relocate and Expand

Are you looking to relocate or expand your business in Yorkton? We are here to help guide you through this exciting time. Please contact us to get started.

There are many ways to grow your business. You can:

  • Add new products or services
  • Target new customers
  • Acquire another business
  • Develop new sales and delivery channels

Whichever method you choose, our Economic Development Office can offer assistance. We can:

  • Connect you with industry experts and professionals
  • Facilitate conversations with potential new clients
  • Link you with government programs
  • Help you navigate permitting and licensing requirements

You will also need to determine whether growing your business means expanding your existing location or relocating to a new building.


If you are going to expand in your existing location, we recommend that you:

  • Contact our Planning Department. There may be restrictions in the zoning bylaw that prohibit the kind of services you can provide at your location.


If you are going to relocate, we recommend that you:

  • Contact us for site selection advice. Our experienced Economic Development office can suggest suitable new locations for your business.