The Yorkton Regional Airport (YQV) is a busy certified airport on the Canadian prairies. It has two runways, a joining taxiway, public and private aprons and a terminal building. NAV Canada provides air navigation service.


We are three kilometers north of Yorkton on Highway 9. Our coordinates are N51˚15.53'/W102˚27.41'.

Terminal building hours

YQV Terminal building hours

Winter hours: December to March

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays

Summer hours: April to November

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays


Several successful businesses operate out of YQV.

YQV businesses

Yorkton Aircraft Service Ltd.

Phone: 306-786-7007

Toll-free: 800-776-4656

Text: 306-621-1451


Leading Edge Aviation Ltd.

Phone: 306-783-0321

FBO Phone: 306-786-1863


Miccar Aerial Ltd.

Phone: 306-786-3345

Toll-Free: 866-786-3345


Good Spirit Air Service

Phone: 306-786-3352

Toll-free: 888-993-3598


Heli-Lift International Inc.

Phone: 306-783-5438


Aeromart Enterprises Inc.

Phone: 306-786-7007

Yorkton Airport Authority

The Yorkton Airport Authority, a non-profit corporation, operates the airport. Its current board members are:

  • Mitch Hippsley, Chairperson
  • Ken Chyz
  • Randy Goulden
  • Quinn Haider
  • Dustin Brears
  • Chris Wyatt
  • Darcy Zaharia

The authority does not employ staff on site. Instead, it contracts a Superintendent to keep the airport running. An Airport Manager oversees the work of the Superintendent. Learn more about how the airport works by visiting our Operations and Safety page.

You can also view the authority's most recent financial statement below.

Movement statistics

We track aircraft movements to measure air traffic at our airport. You can view these statistics below.


Interested in our past? The links below tell our story.


There are additional regulations for drone usage in the City of Yorkton due to the proximity to the airport. To learn more, visit the following links:

Hand-held lasers

It's illegal to point a laser at an aircraft. Since the City of Yorkton is within a 10 km radius of the Yorkton Regional Airport, it's illegal to have a hand-held laser within public areas, with some exceptions. For more information, visit Transport Canada