Operations and Safety

Yorkton Regional Airport is a certified airport. It follows the Canadian Aviation Regulations and TP 312 Standards. Whether you are a pilot, passenger or staff, we operate to keep you safe. Our Safety Management System helps us reduce risks and correct safety hazards.

Hazard and incident reporting

We encourage all airport visitors and staff to report hazards and incidents. This helps us investigate and prevent future problems.

  • If you notice a hazard that could result in an incident or accident, please fill out a Hazard Report. Examples of hazards include broken lighting and debris on the runway.
  • If you witness an incident or accident, please fill out an Incident or Accident Report. Examples of incidents include landing gear failures and communication errors.
  • If you see an aircraft hit a bird or other wildlife, please complete a Bird and Wildlife Strike Report.

Superintendent operations

Miccar Aerial Ltd. is the contracted superintendent for our airport. They are an important part of upholding safety standards. Their staff perform many duties to keep airside and groundside facilities maintained including:

  • snow removal
  • de-icing
  • runway inspections
  • wildlife control

If you would like more information about safety at our airport, please contact us.