For Pilots

Welcome pilots! Our certified airport is here to meet your needs. We have provided the information below to help you plan your visit.


Services at our airport include:


We charge landing fees on twin, turbine and jet engine aircraft. Single piston engine aircraft are exempt. There are no tie-down or parking fees.

We charge a base fee and a maximum take-off weight fee (MTOW) for each landing.

Landing fees
FeeTwin & Turbo Prop EngineJet Engine

Base fee



MTOW fee under 2,000 kg (per 1,000 kg)



MTOW fee 2,001 to 5,000 kg (per 1,000 kg)



MTOW fee 5,001 to 10,000 kg (per 1,000 kg)



MTOW fee over 10,000 kg (per 1,000 kg)



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Airport data

For detailed and up-to-date airport data, please see our entry in the Canadian Flight Supplement. You can also find information, including visual and instrument charts, at our page on Skyvector.

Flight training

If you want to become a pilot, or are a pilot and want to improve your rating, our airport has two flight schools.

  • Leading Edge Aviation is Transport Canada-certified and offers:
    • commercial pilot training
    • recreational pilot training
    • instrument, night, instructor and multi-engine rating training
  • Miccar Aerial provides agricultural pilot courses