Aquatic Programming and Scheduling

Access Water Park has a range of swimming opportunities available for all ages. Throughout the week, programs are offered to encourage active living. Our water park programs are designed to be open for all to attend and enjoy.

Swimming at the Access Water Park

Our pools are open daily for recreational, lane swimming and Aquacize fitness classes. Groups are welcome to join our public swim times or schedule their own private pool rental.

You can check our daily schedule online.

Lane swim

Lane swim is a great way to stay in shape and improve your technique. Three double lanes are provided for slow, medium and fast swimming.

Lengths and Leisure

During the lengths and leisure, the wave pool is open and two lanes of the lap pool will be available for lane swimming. The climbing wall is not open during this swim. The Lap pool closes occasionally to host other programs and the waves may not be turned on during morning swims.

Public Swim

Enjoy recreational swimming for all ages during our Public Swim. Water Park features are available based on pools open for scheduled swim. Wave Pool: Water Slide, River, Waves. Lap Pool: Diving Board, Climbing wall. Hot areas open with either pool. We do not reserve lane space during these swims as the climbing wall and diving board are open.

Water Park Admission Process

Guest safety is a top priority in the water park. Help us keep your loved ones safe by following these admission rules:

  • Children six and under are accompanied in the water by and adult at all times and wear a red wrist band. Limit of two swimmers per adult when any swimmer six and under is present.
  • Youth 7 to 10 are accompanied in the water by a guardian (16 years or older) at all times and wear a yellow wrist band. Limit of four swimmers per guardian when all swimmers are wearing yellow wrist bands.
  • Youth 11 and older may enter the water park and swim without direct supervision.
  • Youth 7 to 10 years old may take a Facility Swimming Test to show they can swim safely. Speak to a lifeguard on deck.
  • Guests with special needs needing constant one-on-one support from a caregiver will pay the admission fee and one caregiver will be given free admission.

Aquatic Fitness classes

Aquatic fitness classes are an excellent way to be active and healthy. Come alone or with a friend. Aquatic Fitness classes promote cardio health and build strength while reducing impact on the body.

Boot Camp

Boot camp Aquacize is a high intensity early morning workout. Perfect for those looking to start their day on the right foot.

Regular Aquacize

Regular Aquacize gives the participant the option to work at a transitional depth. Excellent cardio, strength and flexibility training. Suitable for everyone. Regular Aquacize is in the wave pool where there is a zero-depth beach entry.

Shallow Aquacize

This class occurs in shallow water in the lap pool. Focus on using the waters resistance for core, cardio and strength. A stairway access is available to enter the pool.

Deep Aquacize

This class occurs in deep water in the lap pool. Focus on using the waters resistance for core, cardio and strength. Float belts are provided and a stairway access is available to enter the pool.

 Parent and Tot Aquacize

Parent and Tot Aquacize allows you to bring your little swimmer with you during your recreational fitness time. Dolphin floats allow you keep your little one in arms reach and keep moving. Located in the wave pool with zero depth entry for easy access.

Dolphin floats are suitable for infants 6 months to 3 years and between 15 to 35 LBS. Coast Guard approved personal floatation devices are also available for children larger than 30 LBS. Limit of 1 Tot swimmer per adult participant.

 Aqua Cycle

Aqua Cycle is an indoor cycling class that takes place in a pool. Participants use stationary bikes in 3-4 feet of water, and pedal against the resistance of the water.  The water's buoyancy helps provide support to working muscles and joints, and can be beneficial to those with limited mobility or recovering from injury.  Aqua Cycle is a low impact endurance program focusing on both strength and cardiovascular fitness.


Water Shoes are recommended for safety and rider comfort.

Note: Trained lifeguards teach Aquacize classes for motivational purposes. The staff are not certified fitness instructors. Please be sure to take part at your ability level and let staff know immediately if you have any abnormal pain or discomfort. Speak to a medical professional before attending if you have medical conditions or are starting a new fitness program.