Pool Rentals

Rent the Access Water Park for a private swim. We can host your small family celebration or large group swim. We also offer swimming lessons and clinics for school groups.

Water park amenities

  • Zero depth beach entry
  • 2 storey waterslide
  • Lazy river
  • Spray feature
  • Hot tub, steam room and sauna
  • Spray features
  • 25 metre 6 lane pool
  • One metre diving board
  • One storey rock climbing wall
  • Stair entry

Our family change rooms feature accessible showers and change areas. Waterproof wheel chairs are ready to roll right into the wave pool.

Rental rates

Rent the wave pool and lap pool individually or together. The price of a rental is based on the time and number of Lifeguards required. The Playzone is also available to host your next birthday or celebration.

Please call 306-786-1740 or email to speak with us about your group.

Water park hourly fees
Rental TypeFee Per Hour
Wave pool $ 139.25

Lap pool

$ 111.50


$ 45.00

Lifeguard or swimming instructor

$ 28.00

  • Lifeguards are required for all Water Park Rentals. The required number will be determined at time of booking. 
  • Taxes not included in hourly price.

Group admissions

Bring your community group, school class or team to one of our public swimming times. Discounted group rates are available for groups of 25 or more. Call ahead so we can plan for your visit.

Read our trip planning guide to prepare your group for a visit.

Water park rules

Swimmer safety is our priority. Lifeguards are on duty to supervise and respond to emergencies.

Admission policies

Guest safety is a top priority in the water park. Help us keep your loved ones safe by following these admission rules:

• Children six-and-under are accompanied in the water by and adult at all times and wear a red wrist band. Limit of two swimmers per adult when any swimmer six-and-under is present.

• Youth 7 to 10 are accompanied in the water by a guardian (16 years and older) at all times and wear a yellow wrist band. Limit of four swimmers per guardian when all swimmers are wearing yellow wrist bands.

• Youth 11 and older may enter the water park and swim without direct supervision.

• Youth 7-10 years old may take a Facility Swimming Test to show they can swim safely. Speak to a lifeguard on deck.

• Guests with special needs needing constant one on one support from a caregiver will pay the admission fee and one caregiver will be given free admission.

General rules

• Swimmers are required to wear swimming attire that is clean, used for the sole purpose of swimming and does not impede swimmer safety.

• Swimmers must shower before entering the water.

• No outdoor footwear on deck.

• Walk, do not run.

• Food and beverages are allowed in the viewing gallery only.

• Water is allowed on the pool deck in plastic or metal bottles only.

• Glass containers and tempered glass swimming masks are not allowed.

• Chewing gum is not allowed in the water park.

• No rough play or foul language.

• Swimmers under the age of 11 must be supervised in the water by an adult within arm's reach at all times. Please refer to the Water Park Admission policy.

• Guests that have serious medical conditions such as heart problems, epilepsy/seizure, etc. should inform the lifeguards prior to using the water park.

• Swimmers with communicable diseases or open sores are not permitted in the water park

• The City of Yorkton is not responsible for unattended, lost or stolen items. Lockers are available for daily use.

• This facility is governed by the City of Yorkton's Prevention of Verbal and Physical Abuse in Recreation Facilities & Properties Policy.

Wave pool

  • No diving.
  • No throwing tubes.
  • No standing on floating toys.
  • No stacking tubes and toys.
  • No climbing or jumping on rocks and fences.

Lap pool

  • Diving is only allowed in the deep end.
  • Flipping, back diving, and/or twirling from the side of the pool is not allowed.
  • No standing on floating toys.
  • Mats and toys are not allowed in the deep end.
  • Children wearing red or yellow wristbands may swim in the deep end when wearing a lifejacket and within arms-reach of an adult.

Diving board

  • One person on the diving board at a time.
  • Jump or dive straight off the end of diving board.
  • Exit the landing area immediately upon re-surfacing.
  • Only one bounce allowed.
  • No backward-rotation flips or dives permitted.
  • No running on the diving board.
  • Maximum weight for diving board users is 250 lbs (113 kg).

Climbing wall

  • Only one climber at a time on the wall.
  • Lifejackets and other floatation devices are not allowed. Climbers must be able to swim in deep water to use the wall.
  • Clear the landing area immediately upon re-surfacing.
  • Foot-first entries off the climbing wall. No dives or front or back flips.
  • Maximum weight of climbers: 250 lbs (113 kg).

Water slide

  • Guests riding the slide must be 42 inches (107 cm) tall.
  • Only one rider at a time on the slide.
  • Children may not ride on a guardian's lap.
  • Riders must go down feet first either sitting or lying on your back.
  • The person at the top of the slide must wait until the rider in front is out of the slide.
  • Do not stop on the slide.
  • No lifejackets, clothing with buckles or jewelry are allowed on the slide.
  • Maximum weight: 300 lbs (136 Kg).

Hot areas

  • Guests must be 14 years and older to use the sauna and steam room.
  • The sauna, steam room and hot tub should not be used for more than 10 consecutive minutes.
  • Do not pour liquids on sauna rocks, steam outlets or sensors.
  • The use of scented products or oils in the sauna and steam room is not allowed.
  • Pregnant women, people with heart conditions and people taking medications should consult their doctor before using the hot tub and spa.
  • Lifejackets are not allowed in the hot tub.
  • Parents must directly supervise children in the hot tub at all times.
  • Splashing, swimming and/or submerging is not allowed in the hot tub.